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It’s been a long season as a Newcastle United fan, but at least I spent the night without worrying about the MOTD reviews of quite a few games.

Despite some really terrible performances, we are still said to be grateful, happy not to be demoted, Steve Bruce is doing a great job.

For reference, I’m writing this on Sunday watching Leeds vs. Burnley. We and Leeds are in a similar position, with Newcastle United in the game. I know who I’ve always wanted to see this season.

So some people sat down on the sofa analysis of Newcastle United’s strengths and weaknesses …

One of the biggest strengths of the previous season was putting the ball in the box. Matt Ritchie hit someone over and over again and started a good cross-in. This season, I will defeat the winged man over and over again and pass backwards.Part of this is that no one is in the box-it creates a complete waste of signing Fraser and Lewis, along with playing Murphy or Ritchie (even Yedlin who was moving forward). Against the city), If no one is participating in the cross.When are the clearer signs Joelinton They hate crossing because they’re up – does that mean it’s a waste of time to aim him out of training?

The current weakness is the score. Despite having players fighting back quickly, they often have no support and can’t go anywhere.

Isn’t it really a good idea to try to be on the side of great set pieces? There are plenty of options to play off defenders in the corners, plan and try, and know how to attack tall CBs and dominate uncertain keeper. Despite some players who can or may be able to enter some great corners, this season is completely lacking. What are you doing if you can’t teach a good corner routine?

The weakness in progress is possession. But the numbers don’t tell the whole story.

Under Rapha, we moved the top team further away, shielded the penalty area, and forced the team to work harder. However, this season has just been broken up again and again. It’s okay to let your opponent hold the ball, but not in dangerous areas.

Also, it doesn’t seem to be able to connect enough paths to take a break. Again, you don’t always have to counter flat, just absorb the pressure and choose a path. What has changed because players don’t forget how to do it?

Next is injury – some are unavoidable and some look like self-harm.

It doesn’t make sense to see players slacking around the pitch and unable to make a difference, even though no replacements are being used on the bench. Either the players on the bench aren’t fit for work, or Bruce doesn’t know how to use them.

Indeed, pre-match training requires the entire team on match day to know how to fit and play when they participate in the match. Again, when ASM / Wilson etc. should come off, just leaving a lot of bench warmers seems to have completely failed the coaching.

In summary, instead of building on what we had and addressing our weaknesses Steve Bruce We are binning our strengths and not addressing a single weakness.

Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re in a position to welcome managers who are willing to take on Newcastle United’s projects until the ownership issue changes. We are stuck trying to maintain our position and hope not to go down. ..

We don’t expect to win the league next year, but getting the best out of this group at Newcastle United is the bare minimum we all need.

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Newcastle United needs to unleash their strengths and address these weaknesses Newcastle United needs to unleash their strengths and address these weaknesses

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