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“Indiana IU Basketball with Archie Miller” is back with live announcer Don Fisher on Monday night. Miller has regained IU’s victory over North Alabama and Butler and previewed this week’s Big Ten Game.

– Miller begins by saying he’s happy with Indiana’s attack on Butler in the first half, but the Hoosiers are overwhelmed by the bulldog’s physicality. “When you play Butler, it’s a physical game,” Miller said. “You must be able to match it.”

– Miller said he worked half-time on the physics of the game and “drilled a bit”. Miller said he was pleased that Indiana was able to turn the defense into an offense in the second half.

– At Trey Gallway, Miller said: “He’s an old school-type player of throwback.” Miller praised Galloway’s ability to steer in transitions and hit the ball into the paint. In the match against Butler, Miller said: He will make more shots as we enter Big Ten play. Miller also said Galloway made a fairly smooth transition to college-level defensive play.

– Miller said freshman classes need to step up to create deeper benches. Regarding Anthony Lille, Miller said, “I’m ready to help us … I wouldn’t be surprised if he started to play more than a role.” Miller also nominates Christian Lander and Jordan Geronimo as the guys who need to scatter sparks from the bench.

– Armarn Franklin hit 10 three pointers in the last two games, and Miller said most of his success was in taking shots in “rhythm.” He also states that Franklin is proud to improve his off-season shots.

– Miller said Rob Finize can also contribute from the 3-point range, but he needs to find a way to avoid foul troubles. Miller said special attention should be paid to the details to avoid picking up cheap fouls.

– Mr. Miller said that a significant portion of the team’s turnover rate is basic and is called “sloppy.” Miller said the team had to play simple, “when we move to conference play, we need to keep it about 10 games. That’s a magical number.”

– Fisher calls Big Ten “ground meat”. Miller agreed that this year would be as difficult as last season. “Not breaking down will be a mental challenge,” Miller points out, however, that it will help the IU to resume overall, so the depth of the meeting will help come to tournament time. did.

– Miller said he was impressed by Northwestern University’s upset in Michigan on Sunday night. “It’s as aggressive a performance as you see,” Miller said. Hoosiers hosted Wildcats on Wednesday, and Miller nominated Miller Kopp, Boo Buie, and Pete Nance as potential threats.

– Then Indiana will travel to Illinois on Saturday. According to Miller, Illinois runs the game through the Coffey Cockburn Center. He praised their guards, especially Ayo Dosunmu, who he called one of the best players in college basketball.

– Again, Miller said his biggest concern was the defensive rebound. He admitted that Indiana isn’t as efficient with aggressive glasses as it was in past seasons. Miller wants more from Race Thompson and Trace Jackson Davis in defensive glasses. Miller said the Hoosiers “did not exist in aggressive glasses” early in the Butler game.

– Regarding the lack of fans, Miller said all Big Ten teams are dealing with the same situation. He joked that Indiana should take people to “throw things on the opposite bus” to make up for an empty meetinghouse.

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News and notes from Archie Miller’s radio show-inside the hall News and notes from Archie Miller’s radio show-inside the hall

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