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Immaculate Conception. File Photo | NMG

Pure white Casit

Last month’s election specialist became Kenya’s first data commissioner. Some celebrate her rise primarily in patriarchal societies, while others are sensitive given her history as an officer of the Independent Election Boundary Commission (IEBC), which has been criticized for questionable data management in the past. Some immediately questioned her suitability for the role. In the 2017 general election that is being contested.

Parliament received a memorandum of understanding from the International Commission of Legalists asking her aptitude, but Congressmen refused because Robbie could not prove her responsibility.

“I am ready to work to ensure that regulations are enforced to ensure data protection in Kenya. Kenya is a pioneer in ensuring the protection of personal data. It is second only to Ghana in Africa, “said Kasit, who reportedly said when he appeared at Parliament’s Communications and Innovation Commission in October.

Polycarp Igate


Igathe jumped from the office of the Vice Governor of Nairobi to the work of three executives. File Photo | NMG

He has mastered the skills of changing jobs. In the last three years alone, Mr. Igate has jumped from the position of Vice Governor of Nairobi to the work of three executives.

In March of this year, he resigned as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Vivo Energy, Africa’s top oil marketer, and returned to Equity Holdings as Chief Commercial Officer.

He returned from Equity to Vivo Energy last September and was Managing Director of Lender Kenya.

Mr. Igate’s career change potential could be a case study of HR professionals accustomed to seeing this culture among millennials and primarily those in mid- and low-level positions.

Does he have any regrets in life? “I have no regrets. I get a punch, dust my pants and move on. I’m so lucky,” he once said in a past interview.

Martha Coume


Appeal Judge Martha Coume. File Photo | NMG

Judges on the Court of Appeals are vulnerable to children. In October, she was announced as a runner-up for the 2020 United Nations Kenya Person of the Year. This is a commendation for the protection of children’s rights. Judge Coume states that he will defend the children anytime, anywhere and speed up their proceedings for trial.

She states that children brought to court are traumatized, stigmatized, acclimatized to normal life and difficult to reach their full potential as an adult citizen.

“I recognize that children are vulnerable because of their age. I also recognize that when they violate the law or when they are victims of crime, it is due to a system failure. We recognize that it is a thing. Society, families, or communities have failed them. It sacrifices children, “said Judge Coume, who joined the judiciary in 2003.

Ann Nderitu


In September, Anne Nderitu was nominated by President Uhuru Kenyatta as a candidate for the Party Registration Authority (RPP). File Photo | NMG

She is a teacher who has turned into a political party referee. In September, she was nominated by President Uhuru Kenyatta as a candidate for the Party Registration Authority (RPP).

Some social media users deal with the news with a focus on gender, tribe, or possible political tendencies, while others have long been at a disadvantage due to the regressive cultural doctrine of leadership. I saw it as a victory for the woman who was there.

But for Nderitu, it’s all a job. As a political party deputy registrar, she probably already enjoys serving as a referee in the Kenyan political scene.

She has been similarly snarled and admired, putting everything in her footsteps in pursuit of deepening the country’s democracy.

She led election training at the Independent Election Boundary Commission (IEBC) before acting as a party registrar on August 15, 2018.

Lincoln Neil


Njeru’s highest career point was in 2006 when he held the rank of Assistant General Manager of the East African Insurance Company (ICEA). File Photo | NMG

His untouched desire dim his nova. Njeru’s highest career point was in 2006 when he held the rank of Assistant General Manager of the East African Insurance Company (ICEA). But as fate has it, Stint at ICEA was accompanied by a bad decision that the 58-year-old would regret for the rest of his life.

Njeru was imprisoned for three years for stealing 62.8 million Sh in September. The judge said 10 million shillings had been recovered from the accused and an additional 7 million shillings had been found in his account. Earlier, he told the court that he was ill and had fixed his way.

The court dismissed his defense that the money was an investment loss for a collapsed Nyaga stock broker.

Evidence presented in court showed that instead of wiring the money to the insurance company’s account, he deposited it in his account. He also made some investments in the Nairobi Stock Exchange, but claimed to refund only if the stock exchange’s stock price fell.

Mary Waringo


Mary Waringo, Vice President of the University of Marsai Mara, and freshmen at past events at the university. File Photo | NMG

It was a difficult year for the university to overcome the loss of funds. Professor Waringo, a nutrition expert, is described as a lover of Bible studies and religious exchanges with friends. When asked about the secrets of success in a television interview a few months ago, she replied casually. “The secret is Christ. We draw power from the Bible because it says that those who await the Lord will be strengthened.”

However, she was careful of excessive spoiling and preached the gospel to do the right thing.

So it was shocking to many when she was arrested for arraignment of a plot against Sh177,007,754 from the University of Marsai Mara.

Pavel Oimeke

Pavel (2)

Pavel Oimeke. File Photo | NMG

He has a strict term as Director of the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (Epra).

In August, Epra’s board of directors requested him to resign until the proceedings filed in court were concluded.

Four months later, he was arrested and released on police bonds on charges of demanding a bribe of Sh200,000 to reopen a closed gas station.

The Sh200,000 bribe is the final blow to the second phase of the Epra boss, who is affectionately called “mfalme (king)” by peers and “scorpion” by some industry insiders. There is a possibility that

Almost three weeks after he was arrested, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission is seeking more bribery cases before he is prosecuted in court.

Newsmaker of the Year-Business Daily Newsmaker of the Year-Business Daily

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