Next expansion of Hearthstone, forged in barren land, added 135 new cards

Blizzard details next year’s plans for Hearthstone content at BlizzConline 2021, starting with the next extension, Forged in the Barrens. This is the first extension of a new annual rollover, this time called the Year of Griffon. The Barrens expansion will take place at the Horde site in Kalimdor and will include new keywords. In addition, some major changes to Hearthstone’s underlying mechanics will be made more extensively.

As always, Forged in the Barrens adds 135 new cards to collect. A new keyword “Frenzy” will appear on this card. Like the recent spell burst effect, this is a one-time trigger, but it only activates when the frenzy minion survives the damage. (That is, if your opponent kills it in one shot, the frenzy effect will not be triggered). And in the wink to the fans, there is even a Manklik card who is naturally looking for his wife.

The set will also include 10 legendary “mercenary” characters as part of the one-year story. They could lead to a new mercenary mode coming later this year.


Forged in barren land will also make the debut of some larger changes to Hearthstone. One is to debut a new core set, which is a free base set of cards to replace the basic and classic sets. It will also be the first set to appear with a spell school that basically classifies spells into one of seven types: Arcane, Fire, Frost, Holy, Nature, Shadow, and Fel. This is done retroactively, so many older spells will also be equipped with these spell schools. Some of the new barren cards have special interactions with certain spell schools, rather than the effects caused by common spells.

Check out everything we know about Hearthstone’s 2021 plans for more information on future expansions and all the changes to Griffon.

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