Next Generation and PS5 have cut me because they are gamers

PlayStation 5 – Not an impulse purchase (Photo: Sony)

One reader laments the fact that he can’t afford a PS5 or its game and wonders if a gaming PC is his only other option.

Judging by the vast majority of people I have (those not stolen by the delivery driver), the PlayStation 5 is a really great console, with a breakthrough controller and some amazingly good launch games. I will. Unfortunately, I don’t know. Given the enormous cost of the machine and its games, it’s certainly not at launch, and probably never before.

I’ve heard discussions before, but Sony officials in particular really appreciate the huge cost of not only buying a new console, but also committing to its ecosystem and its bills. I think it is. For games. I’m not the Breadline, but £ 450 is an important purchase when I’m in the midst of the worst recession of centuries and have four kids. It gets worse when you realize that buying even one of the top games costs £ 70.

I used to pre-order it 10 years ago as hell, but now I’m responsible and I’m worried that everything will crash with almost no warning. There is no way to get a PlayStation 5 by pretending to be a responsible father. That’s not the case, unless it’s a monolith that only buys one game each year.

The obvious alternative is to buy an Xbox Series X or Switch … but I don’t want to. I’m sure they’re good in their own way, but Nintendo’s games have never appealed to me, and the Game Pass seems to be worth the money and solve my problem, I have nothing I want to do. Most of the reasons I like the PlayStation are its exclusive reasons, and soon the PlayStation 5 seems to be great, but are they £ 70 each? For something like a sackboy, even £ 60 seems extreme.

Perhaps some people read this and say it’s not as familiar as we are, but at what point is it too much? £ 80? £ 90? £ 100? There are already a lot of “ultimate editions” and so on, so they aren’t even ridiculous numbers-even digital ones without statutes-so think about how much it will cost in the next generation!

I feel like I’m priced because I’m really a gamer. You can’t afford a PlayStation 5, and you don’t need an Xbox Series X or Nintendo Switch. The only option is a PC, but it’s even more expensive, at least for the initial cost.Given the cheap nature of the game and the fact that you don’t, I understand that over time it will pay for itself, so I’m exploring the possibilities Have got Upgrade every 5 years.

But that’s not what I want to do. I want to buy a PlayStation and enjoy new games as usual. I would be upset sooner if Sony announced that it would bring all the games to the PC, but I don’t think it will happen soon. At least it might be a fair compromise, but if it turned out, they were arriving only a few years late.

I’m not happy, but this isn’t what I wanted. I know companies have to make money like everyone else, but I wish Sony could find a way to do it other than raise the price to the point where it can no longer be bought. ..

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The next gen and PS5 has priced me out of being a gamer – Reader’s Feature

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