Next-generation consoles load so fast that you can no longer doom scroll

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2020 was not a good year to check the internet.So the great bonus of playing with a new, faster console is that I don’t have time anymore Doom scroll Already through Twitter.

I first started to notice this when I played Godfall, Of all games.Like Godfall.. With shiny flashy graphics and a satisfying amount of loot and combat, it’s a pointless fun. However, it’s not the most narratively compelling game, so you’ll find it a little wandering during cutscenes and between missions. And when I’m in this state, I tend to grab my phone and check Twitter during long periods of downtime. This usually means while the screen is loading. But I can’t do that anymore. Godfall, Like many other next-generation games, it loads within seconds.

I still reach for my phone when the loading screen or bar pops up in a game like Miles Morales Or Godfall.. Habits don’t break overnight. But by the time I grabbed it, it was time to load the game and play it.

You can pause the game and scroll your destiny, but we’re trying to avoid it as much as possible. You don’t have to read all the latest information on how the president is trying to break democracy with proceedings and timid Republicans. You don’t have to read a new report on how bad the Covid-19 pandemic is. I don’t need to look, as millions of people around the world mock basic science and avoid wearing masks. You don’t need any of them except when the video game is loaded and ready to play.

Illustration of an article titled The Next Generation Console Loads Very Fast I Cant Doomscroll Already

Photo: Microsoft / Sony

When I entered these consoles, I found it to be faster. But watching a Sony video showing how fast the game loads is one thing. When the game is in your room, it’s a completely different thing, and it’s really, really, so fast. There is no trick. There is no editing magic. Raw speed and power are piped through a 4k display. And all that power helps reduce the time you spend reading bad tweets and watching sad news clips. This is a great help to my overall mental state.

We will never stop scrolling fate or browsing the news altogether. (Whatever you like to call it.) I really care too much about what’s going on to disconnect. But with these new consoles and their speedy loading screens and instant bootup, my day has been reduced by a few minutes. I used to look at a small screen and expect good news, but I found only pain, sadness, and despair.

Now I replaced that time with a web sling and a big man wielding a sword with lizard people.. I am a happy person for it.

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