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Greetings from the operator. The Ubisoft team wanted to post the latest information about Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege on PlayStation 5. Read, enjoy and get ready for the next generation. – Tim Turi

PlayStation community of Hello, everyone. Ubisoft is pleased to present today with the latest details on how to bring your favorite tactical team-based action game to the next generation.

Finally, the native PS5 version of Rainbow Six Siege will be available on December 1st, starting with Season 4 of the 5th year! We are pleased to share more information about the enhanced Rainbow Six Experience for all PS5 players.

Graphics and performance on PS5

PS5 players can experience the excitement of Rainbow Six Siege with the best graphic enhancements the game has to offer on the console. These extensions offer multiple options for prioritizing either performance or resolution. Authorized players are equipped with compatible devices.

  • Performance mode: Target 120fps with 4k dynamic resolution scaling
  • Resolution mode: Target 60fps at 4k resolution
  • Activity card support For ranked, unranked, newcomers, quick matches, and events, players can jump into the game quickly.

The graphic power of PlayStation 5 enables improved lighting and depth of field, especially at long distances. Get ready to literally see your favorite map in a new light and reveal new levels of detail.

Performance modes targeting 120 frames per second make Siege’s gameplay smoother than ever. Siege’s stable FPS can withstand incredible compulsions, such as breach charges that cause catastrophic explosions. The 120 fps extension varies from TV to TV, so check these details to get the most out of your game.

Thanks to the PS5 SSD, players can jump into the game and start playing faster than before. Map loading times have never been this short, and you can quickly jump from operator selection to the preparation phase.

DualSense wireless controller

However, the PS5 Rainbow Six Siege experience is not limited to visual enhancement. The development team has adopted a new DualSense wireless controller with tactile feedback and adaptive triggers to improve immersiveness and reflexes in high stakes shootouts.

Thanks to the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers, squeezing the R2 trigger emulates the resistance of the actual trigger, giving each weapon category and shooting gadget a unique feel. For example, adaptive trigger resistance is light and fast for pistols and heavy for large and powerful weapons such as light machine guns. Players can also feel the difference between single-shot and fully automatic for complete immersion.

Plus, thanks to tactile feedback, players will feel more shock than ever. Dynamic and immersive tactile feedback reacts with the environment. Weapons, explosions, gadgets, etc. provide direct feedback in the player’s hands.

Transition to PS5

If you currently own a copy of Rainbow Six Siege on your PS4 and plan to purchase a PS5, you can upgrade your game at no additional cost. All players can keep progress and in-game items as they move between consoles. Owners of physical game copies can only upgrade at no additional cost if they have a PlayStation 5 console with a disk drive.

Players playing games on PS4 and PS5 can also use cross-play and face each other regardless of whether they are playing on PS4 or PS5.

Don’t miss the immersive power of the PS5 with 120fps, 4K resolution, fast loading and immersive DualSense controller capabilities. Join the Rainbow Six team on PS5 on December 1st and get ready for more updates in the future.

Next-gen details revealed for Rainbow Six Siege on PS5

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