Next Generation Racing Games-What Works and What Doesn’t Work

Many of us are launching the next generation of powerful game consoles, so we want to revisit the games that have been upgraded for the PS5 / Xbox Series X and those that haven’t used the new game but are still trying to use it. thought. hardware. Obviously, the library of racing titles on both the PS4 and Xbox One is large, so we’ve got two titles that actually received an extended upgrade for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X, and three that weren’t, but very many. I narrowed it down to the title. It is still popular today.

Dirt 5

What they said

“Like the Xbox One, PS4, PC and Google Stadia versions, the next-generation console DIRT 5 is designed to take full advantage of the hardware. Both Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 are DIRT 5 Includes the option to run the game at 120 frames per second and increase graphic fidelity thanks to new technology. It also takes advantage of console-specific features such as the new tactile feedback and adaptive triggers on the PS5 DualSense controller. Details of these features will be released when the details of the next-generation console are available in the coming weeks. “

The console version of Dirt 5 is generational for online play. This means that if you’re playing on a PlayStation 5, you can match-make with a PlayStation 4 player in online action, find and race Playgrounds pieces, and vice versa. The same is true for the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. “

What i noticed

When Dirt 5, I noticed a game that took all the good points from previous console versions, enhanced them, and fixed the biggest issues: Occasional frame dips by pushing the last generation console to the maximum.Now if I’m honest here, I loved Dirt 5 With PS4 and Xbox One X, any kind of upgrade is always the saying “gravy source”. That’s exactly right.

There’s nothing surprising or more than most people wanted, but what they’ve improved is done the right way, and free upgrades can easily come with financial requirements. It makes you feel like something.

The environment is more prominent, the texture is more vibrant and richer, and the details of the vehicle and truck are more noticeable.Unlike WRC 9 What I talk about below Dirt 5The use of the new PS5 controller does not have exactly the same effect as the controller on. WRC 9.. However, the controls are still great, and the use of pressure-sensitive triggers can be felt often enough to make the system feel sufficiently different from the current generation version.

Of course, if you purchased the original PS4 or Xbox One version, the upgrade is free and worth the upgrade. If you haven’t purchased the game yet Dirt 5 Is an addictive title and has returned more than I admit — and of course got a spot in my rotation.


What they said

“By providing rally fans with all the official content and improvements of the championship, WRC9 will be playable at 4K60FPS and will have an even more immersive driving experience. On PlayStation®5, KT Racing We use the new tactile capabilities of the DualSense ™ controller to provide more realistic feedback. “

What i noticed

WRC 9 It’s as beautiful as I expected on the PS5. It was what I wanted at the start of the new console generation to see the title run at fiery 60 FPS (plus) and all the environmental details come alive.

The effects of in-game weather, especially at night, look almost photorealistic and push the immersive level to new heights. WRC 9.. As you see the snow cascading downwards and the rain pouring into the bucket, you need to think twice about how to approach each turn with the new PS5 controller with enhanced tactile feedback.

Speaking of controllers, PS5 controllers are a big part of what they bring WRC 9 To the next generation level.From tactile feedback to feel the terrain of different venues, to hand vibrations, the environmental environment, and co-driver calls through speaker systems, the new PS5 controller WRC 9 To the next level of Sony’s next-generation system.

WRC 9 It was great to see the system of the current generation already, and seeing and hearing it on the new console takes everything I loved about it and amplifies it further.

Unenhanced title

I gave specifically Dirt 5 And WRC 9 Both Codemasters and Kylotonn have developed separate upgrades for both PS5 and Xbox Series X, so they have their own categories. However, I also wanted to see some of the recent racing titles that I don’t know are available. New hardware. In theory, all games should look good on either new system, but as we all know (a leap), this is simply not the case.

Some titles are struggling to work well, and some titles look worse than they were when they were originally released. The problem is that the number of frames per second drops, graphics and textures are blurry, and loading time issues are at best slightly faster than on the PS4 and Xbox One.

NASCAR Heat 5 (704 games)

NASCAR Heat 5 It looked like it was deteriorating on the jump to the PS5. The jaggies are much more noticeable and the frame rate is stable, but the overall quality of detail and texture seems to be hit.

This is where I might blame it on the Unity engine, but I saw and played other titles built within Unity, and at worst they were their previous generation counterparts Looks and works the same as. Currently, 704 Games does not indicate that either system offers NH5 extensions, so it is not a “them” issue.

The point here is that if you unpack a new glossy system and download the NH5 in anticipation of an upgraded experience, the PS4, Xbox One X, or PC, except that the frame rate is very good. It means that you will get the best experience with.

F1 2020 (Code Master)

Again, Codemasters promises nothing about next-generation enhancements to the latest F1 products, but like the original release, it looks great on the PS5. Whether you’re racing in real-time, online or in replay mode F1 2020 The appearance and performance are the same as before.

The load time seemed a bit faster on the PS5, but graphically it was the same as I experienced in the previous generation on both systems. So if you want to continue your career or have an online league with vested interests, you don’t have to worry about upgrading to the new system here.

Some kind of side note here as well.If you haven’t purchased yet F1 2020 For now, I’m looking for a deep racing experience that can be accessed on many levels, so I don’t recommend it. F1 2020 Sufficient. I did the first review of this game and it’s just as addictive and fun as it was when I first dropped it on the Xbox One and PS4.

Gran Turismo Sports

For many racing titles tested on the PS5, we saved the best to the end.It would be Sony’s own monopoly Gran Turismo Sports.. Currently, this game has no advantages other than being already created specifically for Sony, but I’m not sure that the migration doesn’t come with extensions.

Next generation racing game

If someone shows off that they’re playing this game on a PS5, many would think it’s the actual launch title of the system. It’s not an exaggeration. Everything about the title shouts for the next generation.

From frames per second to texture quality, highly detailed venues and environments, and faster load times, GT Sport is a great game that I call an unenhanced, enhanced experience.

Gran Turismo Sports

Needless to say, if you just bought a PS5 and joined the Sony family, this is a must-have title and can now be found for just $ 19.99. We also offer a powerful set of offline and online services to keep you busy for the foreseeable future.


As the owner of both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, there are some amazing future racing titles that I’m excited about. Games such as Forza, Forza Horizon, Gran Turismo, NASCAR, F1 and more. These titles are created in a specific version for each console and do not require any extension. This is enough to excite the next generation of racing fans.

However, for now, there are still plenty of racing titles available and some have better performance, but take a leap and find out for yourself. The racing genre is on the rise and has been going on for the last few years. Also, with the release of the new generation consoles, the amount of power each system provides should continue to trend.

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