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Fortnite on the PS4, which will soon become a PS5 player, was a great ride. It’s unrealistic to think that Fortnite was first introduced to PS4 fans in the early access release of the game more than three years ago. Sharing each season, Battle Pass, and event with you was a humble (and equally exciting) journey!

We are grateful to Fortnite for continuing to create new experiences as PlayStation launches its latest “season” on PS5. Just like celebrating the opening of a new console at home, it’s great that our team begins to unleash the power and potential of the new console. This time around, we’ll talk about what you can expect from Fortnite on the PS5 and learn more about what Fortnite shared with you earlier this week, including how to take advantage of the new DualSense controller.

Dive into DualSense: More Tactile Battle Royale

The first use of DualSense supports adaptive trigger feedback for ranged weapons, so it feels like you really have old favorites like pistols, suppressed SMGs, and bolt-action sniper rifles. But specifically? Get it!

Fortnite supports two types of adaptive trigger feedback for ranged weapons. Trigger pull feedback And Sustained feedback.. Weapons that fire once each time you pull a trigger (pistols, SMGs, snipers, assault rifles, etc.) Trigger pull feedbackThat is, when you push down on the DualSense trigger, you will feel the real resistance to pulling the trigger.

Weapons that require you to hold down the trigger button, such as the Boom Bow and Minigun, Sustained feedback.. Even when the DualSense trigger is fully depressed, you can still feel the real resistance, reminiscent of pulling back the bow or continuing to fire the Minigun.

The power of Fortnite and PS5

Fortnite on PS5 is a bespoke build that not only tweaks the PS4 build, but also allows you to maximize the power of your new hardware. Below is an overview of how we are harnessing the power of PS5 to create an upgraded Fortnite experience.

  • Using the console’s custom RDNA2 GPU, we created the next generation version of Fortnite output in 4K and up to 60 FPS in all PS5 game modes.
  • With Zen 2 CPU + extended memory, you can bring more life to Fortnite Island with dynamic visuals and physics. Grass and trees react to explosions, enhancing the visual effects of smoke and liquids, and creating new effects for clouds and storms.
  • Working with the PS5’s ultra-fast SSDs has dramatically improved loading performance, improved texture loading, and allowed you to join the match faster.
  • The split screen can be played with high performance of up to 60 FPS. This is due to working with improved CPU, GPU, and memory.

Enter the future with a monument of the past

Entering the new generation of PlayStation is exciting, but it’s also a good time to remember what happened before. With that in mind, we offer a free Throwback Ax Pickaxe to all players. This is the classic default Pickaxe for Fortnite Chapter 1.

This free pickaxe is currently available in the Item Shop and PlayStation Store and will continue to be available until January 15, 2021. Whether you pick it up on your PS4 or PS5, the pickaxe will remain in the Fortnite Locker.

Speaking of the future …

As we continue to release new game updates, we look forward to furthering the use of DualSense controllers and exploring new ways to maximize the potential of console hardware. This is just the beginning of the PS5 plan!

Fortnite on PS5: Next-gen tech, DualSense features detailed

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