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Politicians across the country have recorded that they are vaccinated with the newly approved COVID-19 vaccine. Reportedly, once it’s available to the public, it’s an effort to influence Americans to take shots. On Monday, Joe Biden also jumped on the COVID-19 vaccine train by going to live television at Christiana Hospital in Newark, Delaware, receiving a jab and emphasizing the importance of the vaccine.

Biden receives COVID vaccine

“We’re doing this to show that people should be ready when they’re ready to get vaccinated,” Joe Biden told the press on Monday, adding:Please be sure to credit Trump administration In response to Operation Warp Speed, we have enabled the rapid distribution of COVID vaccines.

New York Times “He thanked the healthcare professionals, called them heroes, and ended up with a nasty elbow ridge with Tabe Mase, a nurse practitioner who gave him the first course of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine.” Biden further stated:We owe a lot of debt to these people. .. .. When the vaccine becomes available, people need to be prepared to get the vaccine. There is nothing to worry about. ”

Joe Biden also told the American people that just because the vaccine began to be distributed nationwide did not mean that things would soon return to normal. “It will take time,” he admitted, proclaiming that people should continue to wear masks around others and keep a social distance. “If you don’t need to travel, don’t travel. That’s really important,” he said.

Other politicians

Joe Biden has officially joined the growing list of other fellow politicians on either side of the U.S. political spectrum who have already received or are planning to receive COVID-19 shots since approval. .. His wife, Dr. Jill Biden, also personally got a jab following Monday and then joined Joe at the hospital.

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases gave an excited thumbs up to the press after receiving his own shot on Tuesday. “I would like to encourage everyone who has the opportunity to be vaccinated to have a veil to protect this country that will end this pandemic,” he said.

New York Times I have written: “Former President Barack Obama recently said that if Dr. Fouch approves the coronavirus vaccine, it would signal him that it is safe.

Spokesperson New York Times Kamala Harris will accept her COVID-19 vaccine After Christmas, after the doctor advised her and Biden to take pictures separately. Several other politicians who have already received jabs include current Vice President Mike Pence, surgeon General Jerome Adams, and others. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senator Mitch McConnell.

How about Trump?

CNN Last Wednesday, a White House official said:President Donald Trump will not be vaccinated with the coronavirus vaccine until recommended by the White House medical team. ”

Officials also added that it is likely that Trump will receive the jab at some point after moving to the timing window to receive the jab. autumn”.

But on friday Vice President Mike Pence, Second Lady Karen Pence and surgeon General Jerome Adams received the jab publicly together. Trump reportedly did nothing to promote or approve the event at the White House.

The doctor mentioned President Trump, who received the COVID-19 vaccine, sent an important message to Americans, arguing that those who have already recovered from the virus should still be vaccinated.

Monsef Slawi, Chief Advisor of Operation Warp Speed, CNN Sunday: “We know that infection does not provoke a very strong immune response and declines over time. As a clear precaution, I think it is safe to get vaccinated. I think people should be vaccinated. ”

Next is Donald Trump?Watch News – Film Daily

https://filmdaily.co/news/joe-biden-covid-vaccine/ Next is Donald Trump?Watch News – Film Daily

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