Next Mass Effect features a few veterans on the development team

In November, BioWare confirmed that it was not only a new Mass Effect game under development, but also included a team of veteran developers led by project director Mike Gamble. In the project’s first teaser trailer, which was unveiled at The Game Awards last week, Gamble today introduced some members of the project on his Twitter account.

Dusty Everman, who described gambling as “one of the key figures responsible for bringing the original Normandy to life,” is now the main story designer for the next Mass Effect and film director for the Mass Effect trilogy. Mass Effect Levy is a creative director participating in the project as such. Joining Everman and Levy is BioWare’s 20-year veteran and producer Brenon Holmes, who is also currently working on Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

“Brennon is a veteran of three Mass Effect games,” Gamble said. “His ingenuity and work will help bring a great gameplay system to Mass Effect Universe. Brenon is one of many who wants to provide the right game for you. Over time. , You will know more about us. “

DerekWatts, art director of Mass Effect and Anthem, was mentioned last, and Gamble states that Watts is “ready to lock.”

The next Mass Effect game has a wealth of experience to guide the development of the next chapter, but without Casey Hudson, the original game’s creative director. Hudson returned to BioWare a few years ago as general manager during Anthem’s development, but announced earlier this month that he would leave the studio again.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will be released on consoles and PCs, so we’ll be back in Normandy next year. The first three Mass Effect games, including the original trilogy and all its DLC, also feature upgraded visuals, better character models, and more modern effects added to the classic story.

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