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Thoughts about 67-58 loss To boiler maker:

Five consecutive losses to end the regular season, nine consecutive losses to Purdue.

These are your Indiana Hoosiers and are dragging you to the finish line in another disappointing season under Archie Miller.

Perhaps the most frustrating part of today’s loss? Purdue did not make the best effort. This game was what it should be, but Hoosiers simply couldn’t grab it. After finally looking like a solid three-pointer team under the mirror and breaking the top 100 nationwide a while back, Indiana has been horrifying from the depths over the last three games. This season it was 33.1, remaining in 207th place nationwide. The biggest concern is how much the shots are off. There are too many air balls and too many attempts to hit the glass. It’s ugly. Indiana made 5/23 (21.7 percent) from this afternoon’s depth. In the last three contests, Hoosiers has created only 11 (18.9 percent) of 58 out of a range of 3 points.

It looked good too. Indiana simply doesn’t make them.

Indiana defended Purdue enough to win the game. He did a great job of trapping and digging the ball and taking it out of his hand, keeping Trevion Williams to just 6 points. (7-foot-4 Zack Eddie scored 20 points in 8:10 shooting, too much to handle.) And boilermakers are not so good from the 3-point range (6:21, 28.6%). There was not. From Hoosiers.

Indiana played hard and brought good energy and effort. However, if you cannot put the ball in the basket (0.88 points per property), you will not be able to win the basketball game. Fighting a good team, especially in the Big Ten.

Rob Finize improved his aggression in two consecutive contests, scoring 10 points, but again inefficient (4-of-13). Jerome Hunter scored 1 out of 12 points in the second half, but only 1 out of 6 points from the distance. Indiana helped make Trace Jackson Davis more free with today’s pick and roll, but he had only 12 points, one of the lowest outputs of the season. Alderram led with 14 points, but now airballed another 3 points. He also ran out of Purdue and made an improper drive that helped nail the three pointers at key points in the game. Indiana dragged 35-31 at that point, but three points from Brandon Newman kicked the lead to seven.

The Indiana bench was also hit by a technical foul with just over five minutes left. Archie Miller wasn’t happy about it..

What once looked like a season when Indiana could return to the NCAA tournament has simply fallen apart at the seams. At this point, Hoosiers also seems to be out of the 16-team NIT.

Except for a solid run in next week’s big tent tournament, this season is almost over. For many of the Hooger loyalty out there, it can’t come right away.

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Next minute: Padew-inside the hall Next minute: Padew-inside the hall

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