Next page doesn’t work and followers disappear

If you don’t see the TikTok account you’re already following, send a message to your friends, or follow a new account, you’re not the only one with this issue.

Ticktaku Today, many users seem to be facing the problem of not being able to use the app properly. Specifically, when you follow an account and access an account that you are already following. It is currently unknown how widespread this problem is or what is causing it. However, for users who are having problems using TikTok today, I have problems with my account only..

TikTok continues to be a very popular video sharing platform.Many other social media services are trying to deploy their own TikTok-inspired features, but the original service is Remains a reliable option For many. This means that even if the problem affects only a small part of the user base, it affects many users.

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There are currently many reports of issues with the TikTok app. The service has not yet officially confirmed the issue, but users are using other social media platforms. twitter,I would like to report a problem. in addition, Down detector Has reported a surge in complaints, further confirming ongoing issues. Nothing is said about the cause of the TikTok issue, and it’s unclear when it will be fixed exactly.

TikTok followers cause problems again

Tiktok zero follower

One of the most commonly reported problems to date is the sudden loss of the following list. In some cases, the user reports that all the accounts they follow are no longer listed as followers, while in other cases, the user reports that there is no content in the feed. Not only do some users not see the accounts they follow, Video they postHowever, you will not be able to follow new accounts either. Instead, you’ll get an error message when you try to follow your account. This issue also has some knock-on effects.For example, some users may not be able to send messages directly to others, or Share videos with friends..

This isn’t the first time such a problem has surfaced on TikTok. In fact, A similar problem surfaced last week Where the account suddenly lost all followers. I’m still not sure if the latest issue is related to the previous issue, but the last issue was a bug and was finally fixed after a while. Given that the current issue is very similar to the previous one, it’s probably another glitch, which could be fixed by TikTok in due course. In the meantime, TikTok users who are having trouble accessing their feeds, followers, or accounts they follow should not assume that they have a problem with their account.

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Source: twitter, Down detector

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Next page doesn’t work and followers disappear

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