Next week’s Epic free game is Indie Classic Cave Story +.

Visit the Epic Games Store to get this week’s free games to see what’s coming next week. Cave Story +, a classic indie platform game by Daisuke Amaya.

In Cave Story +, you wake up in a cave without remembering how you got there. Immediately meet Mimigas, an innocent race of rabbit-like creatures threatened by mad scientists. It’s up to you to explore the caves and find ways to save Mimigas. In the process, you’ll have to fight about 20 bosses at 15 different levels and find 10 unique weapons, each of which can discover its own upgrades.

Cave Story + is a re-release of the original Cave Story, which allows you to choose between the original 320×480 graphics and the updated “HD” version on the WiiWare port. It also features six new playback modes, including new English scripts, remastered music (and the original soundtrack), and boss rush.

The trailer is as follows:

Cave Story + is a real treat and a must-see for fans of the NES and SNES Metroid games that inspired it. Starting December 3rd, it will be available for free from the Epic Games Store.

There are many other free games you can play on your PC, so check out the links if you’re hungry.

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