Next week’s Fall Guys update will add big fans and small hammers

How do you enjoy Fall Guys? How nice? I love it? Are you the biggest fan of the game? I wish you good luck. The honor goes to the next new stage of bean stumbling, a swirling fan-filled gauntlet arriving in next week’s mid-season update. Oh, it also looks like there’s another mysterious obstacle along the way, in the form …

Oh, did they call it Little Eighty? I’ve acknowledged. why not. No thank you.

Similar to Season 1, the second season of Fall Guys will have a slight boost in content along the way. An update for “Big Fan Yeet Little” will arrive next week. This was announced by a social team that really wanted the OnlyFans joke.

The new stage is, surprisingly, a gauntlet run full of spinning fan blades, which itself is covered with spinning poles. It looks like a platform nightmare in the best possible way, but it’s not the only addition that will arrive next week.

You see, Fall Guys loves adding randomly appearing bastard hammers. Jumping out of the thin air, Big Yeetus and Thicc Bonkus were introduced, throwing chaos into the mix and randomly blaming players for (rarely) profits or (usually) disadvantages. Next week we seem to be getting another mess agent in the form of a little little hammer “Little Yeety”.

It was not “officially” announced. Its presence was simply hinted at in the form of an online Monica in the end of this update.

Aside from Mediatonic’s obsession with the Heckindog Gocheon Pepperoni language, it’s nice to see the game keep pace with the new game. For better or for worse, Fall Guys live and die in the freshness of mini-games. Playlists with new themes like Slime Survival help a bit because they give you more control over the stage you play, while new stages and menacing new swackers can also help liven up existing shows.

Next week’s update will add a number of bug fixes and some ingenuity at existing levels. For example, see. A wonderful twist of this banana on fruit shoot.. Please start giving a normal name again, please.

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Next week’s Fall Guys update adds big fans, tiny hammers

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