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Paris Saint-Germain Star Neymar Nike split into two last year after the company investigated allegations that a Brazilian player had sexually assaulted one of its employees. The Wall Street Journal..

The newspaper quoted a document investigated with people familiar with the case, saying that Neymar tried to force her to have oral sex in a hotel room while staying in New York for a Nike event in 2016, a female employee Reported that he had spoken to a friend or colleague. Employees filed a complaint in 2018, and Nike finally decided to ask an outside law firm to investigate in 2019 and stop using him for marketing during the investigation.

The 15-year relationship between Neymar and Nike officially ended in 2020, when he later signed a contract with Puma. At that time, Nike didn’t reveal the reason for the split. The journal reported that when he broke up, the marketing deal with Nike was still eight years left.

However, Nike said in a statement to the journal that the split was due to Neymar’s failure to cooperate in the investigation following the alleged case.

“Nike has terminated its relationship with athletes because it refused to cooperate in a sincere investigation into a credible allegation of misconduct by employees,” said Hillary Crane, Nike’s legal adviser.

A Neymar spokesman denied that the claim was the cause of the division.

“Neymar Jr. is enthusiastic about defending against these unfounded attacks in the event of any unprecedented allegations,” a spokeswoman told the journal. It was.

A Nike employee lawyer did not respond to comments in the journal.

Neymar faces rape allegations in 2019, But it was rejected in August Lack of evidence for the year. The suspect was later charged Procedural fraud, slanderous accusations, and extortion charges.

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Neymar’s Nike catastrophic on suspicion of sexual assault–frapsg/story/4396541/neymars-nike-split-due-to-investigation-into-alleged-sexual-assault-report Neymar’s Nike catastrophic on suspicion of sexual assault

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