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Last week’s NFC South Roundup started with:

“The dream of winning the NFC South has almost disappeared long ago. Buccaneers, But they picked up the game on Sunday and won 26-14 Viking Some people can help on the way from the Eagles. “

Now, the decline has slowed considerably as much as expectations for the team’s division titles may have declined a few weeks ago.Combining their victory over the Falcons with the defeat of the saints chief In the 15th week, Bucs lived a small chance for another week. Tampa Bay may still have a long way to go to win the title of the first NFC South district since 2007, but it’s still possible. And what is it?

To win the division’s crown, Bucks must defeat Lions and Falcons in the last two weeks, and Saints must be defeated by the Vikings and Panthers. Again, it’s a long shot, but something crazy is happening, right?

Before moving on to the previous Christmas Weekend Action, let’s look back at the 15th week at the end. It’s time to check out the remaining Bucs division enemies to see how they fought in the penultimate game of the regular season.

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Saints regains Drew Brees for a major match against Defending on Sunday Bouncy ball Champion Chiefs, but Breeze didn’t look like his normal self with the team’s 32-29 defeat. He (and the whole of New Orleans) started slowly, lagging behind Kansas City in the Superdome with a score of 14-0. With 15 straight points in the third quarter, the home team took a 15-14 lead, but the Chiefs responded with 14 straights and regained command. With a 17-yard touchdown pass from Breeze to Lil Jordan Humphrey leaving 2:06, Saints was within three, but the attack was never shot again.

The final score is close, but there seems to be nothing else about the game. The Chiefs owned from 41:14 to 18:46 in Saints, surpassing 411-285. In addition, it had a great advantage in third-down efficiency. Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City offenses were 9/18 in third down, while Breeze and his offense ended in 1/11. Breeze threw three touchdown passes in the game, but was intercepted once and completed only 15 of the 34 pass attempts. Sure, he had lost some of the top receivers, but it wasn’t a brilliant return for the veteran after missing time with 11 rib fractures and lung collapse.

Next: vs.Minnesota Vikings (6-8) — Christmas Day

NFL: Atlanta Falcons Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Things looked very promising as Raheem Morris’s Falcons rose to 17-0 in halftime on Sunday, leading 24-7 in the last few minutes of the third quarter. But then the Falcons did what they always did. They blew it away. From the 3:44 mark to the end of the game, Atlanta was outscored 24-3, leading to a 31-27 defeat at home. Things started heading south towards the fourth quarter, but even after Tampa Bay drew the match at 24, Matt Ryan and his attack marched down the field, leading Younghoe Koo’s 52-yard field goal. I got it back. But when Bucc responded with a Tom Brady touchdown pass to Antonio Brown into a 31-27 game, the attack couldn’t put together anything again. Therefore, despite dominating the first two and a half quarters, the Falcons have regained their tenth defeat of the season.

Ryan finished the first half of Sunday with a great stat line, completing 34 of the 49 passes with 356 yards and three touchdowns. His main target was Calvin Ridley. He caught 10 passes at 163 yards and made a touchdown, which proved to be a big problem for Tampa Bay Secondary. Russell Gauge also had his moment and pulled with 5 passes for 68 yards and a score. But for most of the day it was as good as looking at both sides of the Falcons ball, but they couldn’t finish again. The team is currently 4-5 under Morris and if his guys can continue to play hard in the last two games, there is still a chance to see his “provisional” tag removed. ..

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NFL: Green Bay Packers Carolina Panthers

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The Panthers entered the field earlier than anyone else in the NFC South last weekend and played at Lambeau Field on Saturday Night Football.They were late Packers 21-3 is heading for halftime, but is back to make the game before eventually losing 24-16. The third quarter Teddy Bridgewater touchdown run was a 21-10 game before Joey Sly’s field goal reached 21-13 with 8:39 remaining in the fourth, but Carolina made a comeback. Could not be completed. After Sly connected with a field goal and closed the game again at 2:04 to advance to fourth, the Panthers regained the ball but could not move it. They couldn’t pick up the first down and gave the packers their 11th win of the season. It wasn’t a bad night overall for Carolina. It surpassed Green Bay by a significant margin of 364-291 and kept Aaron Rodgers in a touchdown of just 143 yards. However, the 1 to 5 mark in the red zone turned out to be costly.

Bridgewater has passed a total of 258 yards on a 21-of-35 pass, adding 26 yards and a touchdown to the ground, but the absence of Christian McCaffrey continues to loom. The attack would not have been the same without him, even though Mike Davis did a good job on his behalf. However, DJ Moore had a strong day against the Packers, catching six of eight targets at 131 yards. Defensively, Brian Barnes and Derrick Brown stood out, both dismissing Rogers twice.

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NFC South Roundup Week 15: Buccaneers Division Title Hopes To Be Still Alive NFC South Roundup Week 15: Buccaneers Division Title Hopes To Be Still Alive

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