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Jackson, Mississippi-The NFL honors Curtis Flowers, a black man from Mississippi who was imprisoned for more than 22 years and released in late 2019, months after the U.S. Supreme Court reversed his last conviction. It states. Quadruple murder case.

NFL players are wearing helmet decals this season “to honor victims of organized racism, victims of police illicit activity, and heroes of social justice.”league Tweet Wednesday among those where flowers are allowed.

“I’m so blessed, humble, and grateful that the NFL and Roc Nation chose to include me to honor today’s movement for social change and justice,” he said. Flowers, who claimed to have been falsely convicted, said in a statement.

Roc Nation is an entertainment company founded by Jay-Z. Its charitable division, Team Roc, has tackled social justice issues, including promoting better living conditions for Mississippi prison inmates.

“I’m a lifelong NFL enthusiast and the job this organization does in our society,” says Flowers. “Thanks to my Lord, Jesus Christ, my family, friends, supporters, and my dream legal team for giving me this opportunity. I am still unfairly imprisoned for all men and women. I’m always thinking about. “

Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch said in September that Flowers would not be the seventh in a 1996 killing and robbery at a furniture store in Winona, Mississippi. He has been in custody since 1997.

Hana was convicted four times. Two kills in one kill, two in all four kills. The other two trials, including all four deaths, were suspicious. Each of the flower beliefs has been overturned.

In June 2019, the US Supreme Court dismissed the conviction and death sentence from Flowers’ sixth trial in 2010. The judge said the prosecutor had shown an unconstitutional pattern of excluding the black jury from the Flowers trial.

The Supreme Court ruling was issued after American Public Media’s “in the dark” investigated the case. The podcast recorded prison informant Oder Harmon in 2017 and 2018 and withdrew his testimony that Flowers had confessed to him.

The first six trials were indicted by a local district attorney. In December 2019, when the judge agreed to release him on public debt, Flowers was still facing a 1997 indictment. The district attorney handed the case to the Attorney General, and her staff spent months considering it before deciding not to proceed due to a lack of credible witnesses.

The four people shot dead at Tardy Furniture on July 16, 1996 were the owner Bertha Tardy (59) and three employees (45-year-old Carmen Rigby, 42-year-old Robert Golden, and 16-year-old Derrick). .. Bobo “Stewart.

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NFL Adds Curtis Flowers Released in 22 Years Prison to Decal Winners NFL Adds Curtis Flowers Released in 22 Years Prison to Decal Winners

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