NFL cancels Pro Bowl and plays in Madden instead

The 2020 Pro Bowl in the real world.

The 2020 Pro Bowl in the real world.
Photo: Mark brown (((Getty Images)

While the NFL is 100% fine for endangering the health and life of players and staff during 2020 Regular season, Annual Pro Bowl Game — Probably played before the Super Bowl in early 2021— —have Marked as a consumable item.

To Statement released early today, Even though the NFL canceled the actual Pro Bowl, The event is not yet Played, it will only happen now via Madden 21 Instead of Soccer field.

Fans will still be able to vote on who is the best player in the league and only those choices will be shown in the video game.. It also means that for the first time in the history of Pro Bowl, you can see a full-strength team. Because many of the best players miss the game every year due to injuries. The fact that they are appearing in the supermarket can’t bother the bowl or just look up.

Interestingly, the announcement only mentions that the game is played virtually and broadcast on a regular sports network, and nothing is said about who actually controls the game. (Fans are voting on who creates the roster, rather than picking up the controller).But it says everything up to virtuel Pro bowl There are others “”A match featuring celebrities, NFL legends, current players, and streamers, “who knows, they mAll you have to do is select some players from that group and run with them.

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