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NFL Crib: Where Kansas City Chiefs Call Home

Fifty years after its last appearance in the Super Bowl, Kansas City Chiefs are back. Backed by the thrilling 24-year-old quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the team has revived a long-suffering fan base.

No, it’s not as if the chief had been a complete trash over the last 50 years. They played 17 playoffs and participated in the conference championship twice. But in the process, they were often spectacular, painful, and even upset in a whimsical and unexplained way. With one of the NFL’s top QBs steered tightly, the chief is ready to slow down the octane attack at the San Francisco 49ers and try to rest the Kansas City Cars forever.

It was an adrenaline-filled season for the Chiefs. So where do players and staff park when they’re ready to relax? To that end, we have delved into the housing history of some of the key members of the organization. Most of the homes we found were modest by big-name standards, but have some distinctive features. In short, Mahomes’ huge shoe closet.

The man who finances the entire operation spends downtime in a luxurious mansion in the heart of the enemy’s territory.

Owner: Clark Hunt

The man’s son, who coined the word “Super Bowl,” is ready for his return trip.

Hunt was in a fuss when the Kansas City Chiefs finally reached the title game in the early 1970s. He inherited the owner’s cloak from his father, Lamar Hunt, who founded Chiefs in 1963. (The elder Hunt died in 2006.) Although it is an oil property, it is closely related to professional sports, especially the NFL.

However, the current owners of the Chiefs actually live in the middle of the Cowboys country. Clark was born in Dallas and his family is based in the city. He and his wife, former Queen of the Beauty Contest, Tabia own a six-bedroom home in the Highland Park district of Dallas. The value of this mansion, purchased for $ 4 million in 2000, has skyrocketed over decades. Counting the seven homes currently on sale in the Highland Park area, the price tag has exceeded $ 10 million.

Clark Hunt’s Dallas House


We’re used to hearing Preston Hollow being touted as Big D’s most famous district, but Highland Park is home to a significant proportion of the wealthy population. A 2011 Mother Jones article dubbed it as “1% Texas Exile,” and continued to be “the most enthusiastic Republican exile in the country.” This means that the chances of finding Bernie Bro doing a hot foot in Highland Park are about the same as Browns making a Super Bowl.

Apart from Lone Star, the Hunt family also loves Aspen, according to Instagram:

I searched for evidence of hunt compound in Colorado’s luxurious ski town, but couldn’t find out the trust of all LLCs and families to find a particular Aspen dwelling.

But I know that the Hunt clan loves to entertain. As proof, it’s a good idea to check out Arrowhead Stadium’s Owner’s Suite. This is a 3 level 6 bedroom vacation built inside the stadium. There is a luxurious living room suitable for a millionaire and a large stained glass work of art with a soccer theme. Of course, the suite opens to a view of the field where Hunt and his guests can immerse themselves in action in the field.

For elaborate setups, use the phrase “luxury box” to increase the volume up to 11.

Coach: Andy Reid

Known for his aggressive genius and suspicious watch management skills, Reed has taken a second shot at the Super Bowl Ring. He coached the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl XXXIX in 2004, but lost to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots 24-21.

The loss occurred during his 14-season tenure at Eagles and was characterized by strong regular season performance and a playoff implosion. The Eagles let him go after the 2012 season and the team won the Super Bowl with a memorable victory five seasons later.

By that time, Reed had vacated the city of Brotherly Love. He sold Villanova, Pennsylvania for $ 1.25 million in late 2015. The sale price meant that Reed had significantly reduced its initial asking price of $ 2.3 million. Five-bedroom homes were price cut five times in two years before finally finding a buyer. Set at 1.5 acres, the colonial was described on the list as a “statement of comfortable and luxurious life.”

Andy Reid’s former home in Villanova, Pennsylvania

Reed joined the Chiefs just five days after receiving the repulsion in Philadelphia.

Within weeks of landing the gig, he got a $ 2.2 million mansion in Kansas City, Missouri.

In the city’s Plaza district, the house Reed and his wife Tammy bought it right next to the exiled Chief Executive Scott Pioli, who was part of the management team before Reed arrived. As a result, Pioli packed up his luggage and sold his Kansas City home for a private price in early 2014, but Reed and his family settled in their beautiful four-bedroom brick home. I did. NFL Life Circle!

Andy Reid’s home in Kansas City, Missouri

The house has 5 fireplaces, luxurious wooden floors, a beautiful brick patio, a 1,500 bottle of wine cellar and a huge media room. When it hit the market, it was described as “ideal not only for entertainment but also for everyday life.”

During the fall, Reed won’t be too entertaining, but the house looks like a perfectly comfortable place to spend the off-season. What is the best? Arrowhead Stadium, about 7 miles east, is about a 20-minute drive away.

Franchise QB: Patrick Mahomes

In his second full season with the Chiefs, Mahomes was promoted to All-Pro status. Rocket-armed stars have also already made some moves from the real estate field.

After being drafted by the Chief in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, quarterbacks robbed Bellevue Plaza’s penthouse unit for a private amount. It was listed for $ 475,000 in one of nine homes in the building. The two-bedroom condo was ideal for college stars to sign their first NFL deal, but it’s not a perfect fit for their current superstar status.

So it was natural to see Mahomes bring the condo back to market in August 2019. Listed for $ 485,000, the location is still waiting for buyers who are willing to take over from high-flying QB.

Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Condo

After Mahomes vacated the condo, he bought a spacious, contemporary home in the Sunset Hill district of Kansas City. At the time of sale, the three-bedroom house had a 1,250-square-foot master suite.

Mahomes Kansas City House

However, judging from the video tour that Mahomes and his girlfriend Brittany Matthews provided the Bleacher Report, the couple completed a number of upgrades before moving.

The video discusses how couples have significantly remodeled their homes to suit their needs. Mahomes left the decoration to Matthews and interior designers. However, he continued to focus the laser on one aspect of the remodeled interior: a special shoe room designed to house his extensive collection of sneakers.

Called a closet, it resembles the floor of the Emporium showroom with bright shoes.

The couple also insisted on their happiness in buying a home and stated plans to stay in Kansas City for a long time. I’m sure the Chiefs fans supported that feeling.

Do you rent in Kansas City and live elsewhere?

Some of the top players didn’t realize they were rooted in Kansas City, but they know what home ownership means. Given the far-reaching nature of NFL players’ lives (there are few guarantees in professional football), it’s easy to understand the desire to rent rather than buy in the city that suits you.

Take Sammy Watkins on the wide receiver. Only 26 years old, Speedy Wideout is already on his third NFL team. He signed a wealth of free agent contracts with the Chiefs in 2018, but the only proof of home ownership we found was in his hometown of Florida. Watkins purchased a new four-bedroom home in Winter Garden, Florida for $ 5,39,700 in late 2016.

There is also defensive back Tyrann Mathieu. The popular honey badger is only 27 years old and is also on the third NFL team. Matthew made his first splash in the league with Arizona Cardinals. His ferocious and fearless play earned him the All-Pro honor in 2015. Following that success, he bought a home in Chandler, Arizona for $ 1.23 million in April 2017. Only a year after the sand changed, I wanted Matthew to pick up the card. Pay cut. He refused and was released. His desert dwelling went on the market in July 2018, and he reached the break-even point even at a selling price of $ 1,286,900.

Tyrann Mathieu’s Chandler, Arizona, Home

Linebacker Anthony Hitchens also won the city home where he entered the league. Strong supporters made their debut in the Dallas Cowboys in 2014. In 2017, he bought a new four-bedroom home in Frisco, Texas, for an undisclosed price. With Frisco’s current median of $ 440,000, the Hitchens home signed a five-year, $ 45 million contract with the Chiefs in 2018, but is far from a big game.

Special teams also need special homes

Here are some brain teasers for current fans: Can you identify the chief player with the longest tenure on your team?

The answer is Dustin Colquitt, a panther who has been booting the ball for the team since 2005. He holds a number of team records for games played in 238 and many franchise punting records.

He has been trading in Kansas City for nearly 20 years, following Colkit owning a nice home in the area. In 2016, he invested $ 1.2 million in a six-bedroom home in Leawood, Kansas. The suburban residence is about 32 km south of Arrowhead Stadium, providing ample space for a wife and five children. Built in 2014, the 6,775-square-foot home is located in a dead end with a beautiful backyard veranda, a four-car garage, and a kitchen with luxury appliances.

Dustin Colquitt’s Leawood, Kansas, Home

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NFL Crib: Where Kansas City Chiefs Call Home NFL Crib: Where Kansas City Chiefs Call Home

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