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The NFL did not find other current team or league personnel who sent emails containing racist, anti-homosexual, or misogynistic language similar to the message written by Jon Gruden. Las Vegas Raiders A coach, a person familiar with the document, told The Associated Press on Friday.

The person said the league “did not identify other areas or individuals that had to be contacted at the club leader or league leader level.” This person must remain anonymous as the league has not published what was contained in 650,000 emails collected by independent investigators during an investigation into sexual harassment and other workplace conditions on the Washington Football Team. I talked to.

“The NFL didn’t identify the problem near what we saw in Jon Gruden,” he said. The person did not address other areas of potential problems found in the email, beyond the similarity to Gruden’s comments.

Gruden resigned as Raiders coach on Monday. A derogatory comment was reported in an email to Bruce Allen, an executive of the Washington Club from 2011 to 2018. Gruden worked as an ESPN analyst for several years before joining the Raiders in 2018.

“Our players deserve a full explanation of the other NFL’s illegal activities, so we again ask the league to release all the emails from the Washington investigation,” Smith wrote. .. “Evidence and knowledge that this has been suppressed must be revealed.”

The NFL also categorizes the comparison of Gruden and Allen’s communications as a misunderstanding with that of top league lawyer Jeff Pash.

The email between Pash and Allen Pash to reassure Allen According to The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, the controversy over the Washington franchise and discussions on other topics, including league issues and politics.

He said the league considered those emails “in a different category” than Gruden’s, and “appropriate” as part of Pash’s work. Pash has been a conduit between the NFL office and team for years.

There were many topics that Pash had emailed Allen, but the NFL said the lawyer wasn’t “too close” to the president of the Washington team and “had some undue influence and benefited.” Discovered that there was nothing. It depends on the Washington Football Team. “

The franchise was docked by the league in the salary cap room for $ 36 million in 2012 and 2013, and Pash was deeply involved in the discipline-leading investigation.

The timeline of when the NFL recognized the content of the email has also been questioned. Such knowledge was nearing the end of the Washington franchise’s investigation, and research firms considered email beyond the scope of their investigation.

The league began reviewing some of the emails that could be of concern. That led to Gruden’s email.

Confidentiality was cited by a research firm in a lawsuit between the NFL and the Washington Football Team for not disclosing details. The majority of those who participated in the survey were promised to remain anonymous. However, the league is certainly angry that a detailed email with Allen was leaked, but only commented on the content of Gruden’s email.

“The league is definitely concerned about it, and it’s considered a confidential email, and I’m not happy that some of the confidential investigations are in the newspaper,” he said.

NFL Players Association Chief DeMaurice Smith Also The league has asked to release all emails from the investigation.

“Our players are well worth explaining all the other NFL cheating,” he says. Said on twitter“All evidence and knowledge that this has been suppressed must be revealed,” he added.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this story.

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NFL finds no other current team, personnel involved in Washington Football Team email survey NFL finds no other current team, personnel involved in Washington Football Team email survey

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