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There is a mystery that is currently being talked about in the NFL circle. I was asked myself by some HR executives. There is no answer.

It looks a bit like this: Who the hell was Cardinal Would you like to bid on JJ Watt? Who else paid him $ 14 million a year?

Certainly a good question.

Suitable for watts. He was doing better than most suspected in the open market, but the idea that there were multiple teams throwing him over $ 15 million in offers was simply ridiculous. Given the age of the Hall of Fame for the first polling place in the future and the history of injuries, the market did not exist and should not have existed. That wasn’t the reality. Agents talk about steroids.

Sure, there were teams that were interested, but few felt the need to throw such money around the Cardinals, so I raised a lot of eyebrows at other front offices. Some of the teams I talked to thought it was $ 10 million a year. Others said they would consider an incentive of $ 12 million. After all, this is a player who missed a lot of time with many serious injuries, and playing in trenches doesn’t encourage the late renaissance as much as, for example, operating in a clean pocket with thru and rules. In place to protect your position.

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Watt has gained the right to go wherever he wants, the salary cap is still under discussion, and it’s not entirely ideal to hit the market in a pandemic with a large amount of phlebotomy of other talents going on. did. Not at this stage of his career. Still, Texans Long before the start of the league year in mid-March, he made him firm by letting him go so early, but it was clear that there was still no feeding frenzy. The best teams fed by other mouths, limiting the situation and navigating. Watt, as the only influential defensive lineman on the market, never approached the $ 17.5 million he plans to earn in Houston.

Therefore, landing $ 28 million in essentially two years is actually admired throughout the industry. Did anyone else really push the Cardinal into the stratosphere?

“We were shocked by the guaranteed money,” said one NFL cap guru. “He basically got a lot more money for two years than everyone thought he was paying him. What’s the second year warranty? Wow.”

“It’s good for JJ, but I don’t know what Arizona was thinking. If anything, the market has been softening for a few weeks,” said another NFL executive.

A team executive who had at least a mild interest in Watt said, “Get out of our league.”

Some believe that the best value of Watt comes primarily by playing internally at this point. Given the two-year commitment, I think another 1,000 snap campaign might make the most sense. Does he put the Cardinal on top? Does he have two more elite seasons? No matter what, you need to create an intriguing theater.

The outlook for one QB stands out as follows: Steelers Target

Completing a new financial deal with the Steelers Ben RoethlisbergerAttention will be paid to what they do and what they don’t do in quarterback positions this spring.Mike Tomlin was the main reason Dwayne Haskins Some people in the front office believe, but they have signed a future contract Mason Rudolph The organization may have a future beyond 2021.

And it makes sense among some other general managers that the Steelers can invest fairly high draft topics in passers-by. The most commonly heard name in the scout world is Florida’s Kyle Trask. It seems to be perfect for anyone I’m talking to or who has a profile that appeals to General Manager Kevin Colbert.

“I’ve known Kevin for a long time, and the more I see this kid, the more I see him in a Steelers uniform,” one GM told me. “He looks part of it.”

Trusk was a solid 6-5, he wasn’t a hotshot rookie, and Florida was the only big time program to really pursue him. He didn’t see much of the field until the injury to the starting quarterback created a chance in 2019, and Trask grabbed it. He continued to rise in 2020, climbing more than 400 yards in the SEC Championship and throwing three touchdowns to Alabama.

Pegging draft slots early in the process is difficult, and some think Trask has an external shot to get into the first round. The second round may be a safer bet, and I expect the Steelers to do a lot of homework for him.

Victim of the cap?Don’t believe

As the league year approaches, get ready to hear the nausea of ​​the “Cap Victims” ad in the next few weeks. And, well, I advise you to ignore it. In the overwhelming majority, it’s simply not true.

Caps are always replaceable. Take a look at the Roethlisberger and Steelers cases and all of the various cap exercises I’ve had over a decade to reduce the number of caps and delay payments by a few more years. Then it became a reality when the team no longer considered the player worth his salary, and he took less to stay. Sure, without the huge dead cap numbers, they could have gone completely-so the cap did play a role-but if Big Ben was barking at this price, he would be anyway. Probably gone.

It’s about caps … until otherwise. And the reason so many players are let go is that their current team doesn’t want to spend the money currently devoted to that player in 2021. They don’t think he’s worth the salary or bonus payments attached to his name. Otherwise, it would be his worth to convert some salary into a bonus and reduce his number to give it a mutual advantage.

And often the reason players are cut is because they don’t want to spend less time staying when a topic is picked up, and he and his agents can get better opportunities elsewhere. Believe it can or prefer to prove-it deals with teams they believe will put them on better economic opportunities in the market again in 2020 when caps begin to rise.

The reason it reaches that point is that the front office and the owner do not want to pay what the contract says is due. Making it about the cap is a better PR-it sounds better, isn’t it? – But half of the NFL’s team spent more than last year. It’s almost always about money.

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NFL Insider Note: A high-priced Cardinal frowns at JJ Watt, highlighting one of the Steelers’ draft targets.

https://www./nfl/news/nfl-insider-notes-cardinals-overpaying-for-j-j-watt-raises-eyebrows-one-steelers-draft-target-stands-out/ NFL Insider Note: A high-priced Cardinal frowns at JJ Watt, highlighting one of the Steelers’ draft targets.

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