NFL Legacies: Steve Christie

The life and career of NFL legend Steve Christie

The role of placekicker has become very rare in the NFL with coaches choosing to use that space on the bench for someone more involved in plays.

Because the role is not very prevalent anymore, we find that the great placekickers of the NFL are easily forgotten. We intend to change that today.

We are going to look at the life and career of Steve Christie – a Canadian player, placekicker for the Buffalo Bills, and one of the greatest kickers the game has ever seen.

Christie played for multiple teams in the NFL during his career and he even spent one year playing for the CFL. However, he was most famous for the time that he spent with the Bills. His time at the Bills showed off his ability to kick even when the weather or visibility was poor.

New kickers could learn a lot from watching how Christie took his kicks, even if his position does not exist anymore.

The NFL Years

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1990–1991)

Buffalo Bills (1992–2001)

San Diego Chargers (2001–2003)

New York Giants (2004)

The role of the placekicker is to come onto the field and take all field goal kicks and extra-point kicks. As we mentioned earlier, this is not a position that is very common in modern-day football. Most teams choose to make their kickers take on more than one role in the team.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Christie was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 1990 Draft and made his debut for them that year. That year he kicked 100% of his field goals and 85% of his field goals. He was then traded to the Bills.

Buffalo Bills

Christie spent a decade with the Bills.

During this time he was instrumental in helping the Bills to pull off the biggest comeback the NFL has ever seen. The Bills were in a 32-point deficit.

Christie became the first-ever placekicker to recover his own missed kick.

While Christie played with the Bills, they won 3 consecutive AFC championships but lost in all 3 Super Bowl matches.

Christie scored 9 overtime field goals for the Bills.

This year, the Bills were knocked out of the playoffs by the Chiefs, check out Fanduel’s Super Bowl Odds to see the odds of the Chief’s winning the trophy this year.

San Diego Chargers

The chargers were taken over by former Bills GM John Butler in 2001 – Butler went on to buy multiple ex-Bills. Christie played 37 games for the Chargers over 3 seasons.

New York Giants

Christie spent his final year in the NFL with the New York Giants. He played a full season with the team and kicked 100% of his extra points that year.

Throughout his career, Christie pulled off 11 seasons with a perfect extra points record. He ended his career with an extra point kicked percentage of 98.9% and a field goals percentage of 78.8%.

After his year in the CFL (see below), Christie signed a one-day contract with the Buffalo Bills so that he would officially retire as a member of the Bills.

The CFL Year

Toronto Argonauts (2007) 

Three years after retiring from the NFL, Christie signed for the Toronto Argonauts.

Christie said that he had signed on with the practice team as a favor to a college friend – Michael Clemons – who had taken over the team. He spent the majority of the season on the practice team but played one game before retiring.

Outside the NFL

Christie returned home to Buffalo after retiring – where he now lives with his wife, daughter, and Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Killarney.

Christe works as an agent for both musicians and football players in the CFL. He and his wife also own a real estate business in Florida and Christie owns two sports bars.

In 2014, Christie was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. He went through several series of chemotherapy and had two operations – both of which were successful.

Christie still follows the NFL closely but is also a huge fan of the NHL.





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