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The· 2021 NFL draft Only 52 days! Let’s spend the time together. Let’s see who the mock draft has. Philadelphia Eagles It was 6th overall.

Despite the obvious weaknesses of the Eagles in wide receivers, I mix it with pit 6. The tight end was drafted 10 times before the first wide receiver came off the board, and only the other four were tight. The end has been taken so far in the top six. But there is a problem here. The pit is more than just a tight end. He’s a nightmare of battles that can be lined up everywhere, and his great speed, hands, and size of 6 feet 6 make it very difficult to contain him. Philadelphia needs to add receiver help to free agents, but Pitts-Dallas Gedelt pairing is a dream for aggressive coordinators. Tim McManus about his fit with the Eagles: Zach Ertz was expected to be traded or released, so Pitts will soon take on the role of co-starter with Gedelt. The Eagles used two tight ends to hit the league’s best with a 35% chance of last season. This is a number that folds the pits and soars towards the 2019 total (52%).

Carson Wentz’s trade may open the door to an early quarterback selection, but in this scenario GM Howie Roseman and the new head coach Sirianni will compete or complement the second round of 2020 with a veteran free agent. Say find an agent Choose Jalen Hurts. Zach Ertz is not expected to return and the Dallas Goedert will be a free agent from next season onwards, so the team has a need for a tight end position, but this is simply the best Eagles available. It is possible that you have selected a player from. Pitts has real power size, speed and an insane catch radius.

We assume that a particular 30-year-old tight end will not be on the Eagles roster for the 2021 season. This prediction fails when Zack Elts sticks to Philadelphia. Otherwise, my model likes Pitts as a reliable and probable pass catcher. In Snap, where Pitts ran the route, he showed a faster burst (that is, the time it takes to move two yards from the line of scrimmage) than all FBS wide receivers in 2020.

Are you likely to trade up or down? down. Unless the Eagles are already on Jalen Hurts, their value is in the pick stockpile. They are still in a good place to hang here for teams in need of QBs and elite wide receivers. The pit is special. Although he is a “tight end” by designation, he can do so much to help attack from so many different alignments that he almost needs his own category. If the new coach Nick Sirianni’s attack looks like in Indianapolis, he will make the most of Pitts’ talent.

I feel like I’m tired of people talking about the greatness of Devonta Smith. Just a few weeks after winning the Heisman Trophy, some people are talking about him as if he were the fourth or fifth best winning option in his class. Madness. Smith may not have the advantage of some of his peers, but he is the first difference maker that Eagles urgently needs. Assuming Jalen Hurts is the first quarterback, it’s easy to give him a reliable target that can damage the defense from anywhere on the field.

Many eagle who finished quarterback here are made. And while we attribute to the idea that you shouldn’t miss the chance of a great signal sender, we’re not confident enough with a small sample of Trailance or Mac Jones and his boosted production in Alabama. was. Just because 2020 first-rounder Jalen Reagor hasn’t studded yet doesn’t mean the Eagles shouldn’t draft the most valuable players on the board. Smith will perfectly complement the electric speed of the leaguer. When calling Eagles, who sticks to Jalen Hurts, you should avoid the warning “Well, I’ve never seen him with a real playmaker.” Smith was very slippery from the line and dominated the downfield despite his thin frame. His route heatmap looks like a computer messed up and spilled red paint on the field. He led the class in the deep receiving yard and screen yard. Smith is simply the WR1 that Philly needs.

The Eagles are another team that can trade down from their current location, but remain at 6. According to Sharp Football stats Indianapolis Colts We used a lot of 11 people (three wide receivers, one running back, one tight end). Colts used 69% of attack snaps in 2020, 62% in 2019, and 72% in 2018. If Nick Sirianni, the new head coach of the Eagles, decides to bring the same philosophy to the Eagles, many of this grouping. The 2020 Heisman Trophy winner Smith scored 117 passes in 1,856 yards and 23 touchdowns. Smith doesn’t have the typical weight of an NFL wide receiver (175 lbs), Smith can line up outside and play in slots, and he’s a good root runner and elusive after catching Not. Adding Smith to the Accepting Corps will definitely strengthen the Accepting Corps.

Let’s see how the Jalen Hurts experiment takes place in Philadelphia. If this were a draft night pick, he would have a great collection of young and fast receivers.

Chase’s physique complements TE Dallas Gedelt and last year’s first round receiver Jaylen Leaguer. As Carson Wentz went to Indianapolis, it’s important that the new coaching staff surround Jalen Hearts with the right weapons so he can take the next step.

Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama — DraftTek (Broz)

There is a lot of debate among Eagle fans about who to use this year’s delicious top 10 picks. Should they grab Ja’Marr Chase or Devonta Smith? Should they take quarterbacks such as Justin Fields, Trey Lance, or Mac Jones soaring at 6 o’clock? Should they be exchanged for Zach Wilson or do they want to be exchanged for picks? What about The X Factor Kyle Pitts? Could it be both a tight end receiver and a featured X receiver? Perhaps Philadelphia’s least talked-about outlook is’Bama WR Jaylen Waddle. Waddle doesn’t get the hype of Chase or Smith. However, in the four games before the ankle fracture against Tennessee, Waddle averaged 6.25 REC, 140 YDS, and 1 TD per game. Waddle is a game-breaking, savvy root runner, a block-and-game-changing kick / punt returner.

And we’re sitting on the board: Justin Fields, Jammer Chase, Jaylen Brown, Devonta Smith. Everyone who needs to entertain the Eagles. Currently, Justin Fields is a quarterback. I’m a Hearts guy. Justin Fields is probably the only quarterback I can take really comfortably. Trevor Lawrence, who doesn’t like Zach Wilson, is gone. Trey Lance, I can’t do that in North Dakota again, although he’s very talented and it’s a bit unreasonable. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I know that means he goes on to a Hall of Fame career, but I can’t do that. I like Justin Fields, but I really want Jammer Chase. I want Jalen Hurts to have a chance to succeed in Philadelphia. Give him some building blocks. Don’t let the Eagles make the same mistakes as Randall Cunningham, Donovan McNabb, and Carson Wentz. They didn’t have really great talent early in their careers.

As the Eagles officially announced the release of DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery [BLG Note: Jeffery’s release hasn’t been officially announced … yet], They need to start filling out their receiving corps. Combining Chase and Jalen Reagor gives Jalen Hurts the weapons he needs to succeed and eliminates excuses for poor play. I believe that Mica Parsons needs to be considered, but Chase is considered a “once every five years” type of prospect in the necessary position.

Eagles wins 3rd place from Dolphin In the case of No. 6, the second round of 2021, the third round of 2022, the fifth round of 2022 — Eagles rarely choose something this expensive, and they know it. They were also willing to stock up on QBs more than most teams (sometimes at their disadvantage). Howie Roseman grows for dynamic fields as Carson Wentz goes out of the door and Jalen Hurts isn’t known yet — his second swing to unearth the top rookie QB.

Shake for the first trade in 2021 in these 7 rounds NFL Mock Draft, Eagles move up to get their guys in quarterbacks. I base this deal on Jets’ Pick No. 3 operation in the 2018 NFL Draft, where Samdernold was inevitably chosen. With the threat of the Falcons drafting at number four or the Lions trading up to win the Fields, Philly triggered and left the best quarterback. The three quarterbacks going 1-2-3 happened only twice in the history of the NFL, and these guys deserve it. I love the marriage of Nick Sirianni and Justin Fields. Fields is one of the most accurate quarterbacks I’ve ever scouted and one of the best quarterback prospects I’ve ever remembered. Processing concerns are highly exaggerated. Jalen Hurts’ four games weren’t enough to suggest passing a Fields caliber quarterback. The field will obviously upgrade what Hearts has placed in the field in Philadelphia. Many of the “holes” recognized in the Eagles roster will look different from good quarterback play and coaching.

No one knows what the Eagles will do with the 6th pick, but I imagine the Eagles were unshowed in the 17th week’s game just to take a wide-out or aggressive lineman. It’s hard. Since Carson Wentz is currently in Indy, Plan B must be behind Jalen Hurts, who reunited with former Alabama teammate Mac Jones.

The North Dakota Quarterback replaces the North Dakota Quarterback. Trailance may take some time to hit his path, but his benefits are immeasurable.

Maybe Howie Roseman will draft a wide receiver early on? But I doubt that, especially if an aggressive line upgrade is possible. The Eagles will also bring back Lane Johnson and Brandon Brooks, and hopefully Jason Kelce. They also hope that their health will be much better in 2021. There is reason to believe that Andre Dillard or Jordan Myrata can be used as a left tackle, but if there is something certain like Seawell, why risk believing in such a serious attack line spot on board Is it in? I don’t think they will.

TE Kylepits-4
WR Devonta Smith-3
WR Jaylen Waddle-3
WR Ja’Marr Chase-2
QB Justin Fields-2
QB Mac Jones-1
QB Trey Lance-1
OT Penei Sewell-1



  • The two mockups that have the Eagles landing are both trading up to 3rd place for Philly to get him. I don’t think the Ohio State University quarterback will be available at number 6.
  • The more I think about it, the less I like the Eagles to tackle aggressively. It’s not an idea without merit. There is no denying that Andre Dillard is a bust. Jordan Myrata is a promising, but not yet “definite” starter. Sewell could be the best player available on the board and it is usually advisable to build through a trench. If Jeff Stoutland is really as good as we believe, he should eventually be able to get more out of the offensive line. On the contrary, I don’t trust Eagles to do the same with wide receivers. Howie Roseman has never won that position in the NFL Draft. Taking one at number 6 is Eagles’ best bet to finally find a solution there.
  • Who would you like the Eagles to draft?Share the top 6 bigboards with us If you haven’t done yet..

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NFL Mock Draft Roundup: All Attacks, No Eagles Defense NFL Mock Draft Roundup: All Attacks, No Eagles Defense

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