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Choosing player props is becoming more and more popular with NFL fans. Monkey knife fight Take it one step further. An innovative format allows you to choose creative NFL player props, as discussed in the selection for the 17th week of Sunday, January 3, 2021. If you’ve never played Monkey Knife Fight, use the promo code PFN to check the site and get a 100% Instant Match Bonus up to $ 50.

Take a look at the Monkey Knife Fight Fantasy Challenge, Rush Hour Contest and Touchdown Dance.

Which RB is worth the 17th Week Rush Our Prayer Props Contest?

There are some great individual matches this week, but finding a game with two great matches isn’t the easiest thing to do this week. However, even if it means being a little more creative, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any potentially beneficial rush hour contests in Week 17.

Minnesota and Detroit have two of the worst rush defenses

To be honest. This week will be difficult to identify. Whether you’re playing in Monkey Knife Fight or in the final week of the Fantasy Championship, things can explode quickly.

The team’s plans and their motives can change rapidly based on the results of other games around the NFL. It may be best to try to find a lucrative match that will allow the player to make a solid production early on. As a result, my eyes are drawn to the match between the Detroit Lions and the Minnesota Vikings.

These are two of the worst teams to stop running. Lions allow the sixth rushing yard (115.4) per game, followed directly by the Vikings at 113.4. Of the productions allowed by these teams, 59.7% for Lions and 67.3% for Vikings are on the ground.

For Lions, rookie RB D’Andre Swift is back and should end the season with a high note in the 17th week. By the 16th week, Swift will have 102 rushes and 7 touchdowns at 467 yards (4.6 on average). 43 receptions and 2 scores of 341 yards (average 7.9). He is a versatile threat and his total of 808 scrimmage yards is the fifth most common rookie. Even more impressive is that he did this while missing three games.

Mattison should have no problem carrying luggage

On the other side of the ball, it’s probably Alexander Mattison, the most important backup RB in fantasy (Kareem Hunt doesn’t count).Dalvin Cook misses this game because of him Unexpected passage of my father on Tuesday.. Mattison was immediately scared by the concussion, but returned to practice on Wednesday. He is suitable as a fantasy low-end RB1. No team has allowed RBs more TDs than Lions, with 4.6 yards per allowed carry being the ninth most in the NFL.

Mattison joined Cook earlier this season and played against the Seahawks in the fifth week. He hurried 112 yards with only 20 carries and caught another 3 passes at 24 yards. But he wasn’t very successful in the sixth week instead of Cook. Mattison got off to a start with Atlanta, rushing just 26 yards with a 10-carry and adding a 4-yard reception. Still, it’s safe to be confident in Mattison in the 17th week.

To reach your goal with this NFL prop, you must combine a rush yard of 136.5 yards or more if you choose twice the minimum prize. This rushing prop of Monkey Knife Fight is one of the most interesting NFL player props of the 17th week.

Playing Derrick Henry during rush hours is usually a good idea

I am sometimes a simple man. Whenever you ride a Monkey Knife Fight, the first thing to do is look for props, including Derrick Henry. And look low, in the 17th week he gets the worst defense in the NFL.

The Houston Texans defense stinks.They are the 32nd (32.1 ppg) allowed fantasy points and the number one team in D-PAC. [Defensive Points Allowed Consistency Score] With a score of 17.96. This means that anyone who is playing against them will play because they are the key to success.

Houston is the only NFL team to allow RB more than 2,000 yards of rush yards this season (2,062) and abandon 138.8 per game. When these teams last played, Henry ran with 212 yards and two scores in the first match. He needs 233 yards to hit 2,000 in the season, and to be honest, I’m not betting on him.

The other person in this prop is David Johnson. Tennessee is giving up 100 rush yards (11th) per game and 4.51 yards per carry. Johnson is about to finish his first 100-yard match of the season after suffering injuries all year round.

Use Monkey Knife Fight promo code PFN, You can play this contest and only need a total of 193.5 yards or more on the ground. The choice of NFL player props like this makes using this site very enjoyable, especially if the fantasy team isn’t playing in the 17th week.

This may be the most fun for us playing fantasy football. That’s what we know and love, and that’s one of the reasons we’re so excited to start using some rubles in our account over other ways using the Monkey Knife Fight promotion.

Which NFL Players Should I Target for the 17th Week Fantasy Challenge?

Tampa Bay could have a bigger week against the Falcons

In the NFL, players are rarely pulled in half-time. But that’s exactly what happened last week thanks to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ aggressive demolition of Lions’ secondary. Good for the Falcons. Theirs are just as bad.

The Falcons are one of three teams that have abandoned more than 200 yards to WR and allowed more than 3,000 during the season. They are the 4th yard per target (9.07) and the 8th yard per reception (13.46). They allowed more than 67% of the 22.1 targets to be completed per game and gave up 16 pass TDs to WR.

The Falcons pressure rate is 18.4%, 30th place, and Tom Brady can pick them up with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, who combined 15 receptions, 265 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Next is Calvin Ridley. He doesn’t seem to believe he’s still an elite WR for some reason. How about this fun fact? In six games without Julio Jones, Ridley is moving at a pace of 350 PPR points and over 1,900 yards. He averaged 21.88 PPR points, 7 receptions and 118.8 yards on 11 targets in these contests.

In this NFL prop for the 17th week of Monkey Knife Fight, you’ll be able to quickly clear the 57.5 PPR points required for double prizes with a combination of Evans, Godwin and Ridley picks.Play this contest only after using the Monkey Knife Fight promo code PFN — It can be a very informative week!

Who are the options for the Week 17 Touchdown Dance Contest?

If you want to participate in a simple contest when using the Monkey Knife Fight promo code PFN, Then this is for you. If you can identify three players who can combine three or more touchdowns, you have a chance to win money. In the 17th week, the NFL player’s prop pick process won’t be that easy.

I like to be in the Star Shootout category in this Monkey Knife Fight contest. That way, you can choose a player from multiple games in the window. In your own contest, you can choose between 1:00 pm ET games and 4:10 pm ET games.

Who should I choose from the early slate?

The two games I focus on are the Lions Viking and Buccaneer Falcons, as mentioned above. Of the two slate, the 1:00 pm ET game has so many question marks.

In the NFC North match, you’ll play a combination of Minnesota Vikings Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson. We talked about how poor Lions pass defense is, but Siren and Jefferson are both the best in the NFL. Siren has 14 TDs during the season (third in the NFL) and Jefferson is second of the seven rookies.

When it comes to Lions, Swift is a safer option than Marvin Jones. I’m concerned about Matthew Stafford’s status. If he fails the game or is pulled quickly, Jones’ stock will plummet.

With this week’s 17NFL player props, hitting 1.5 times the prize of 2.5 touchdowns should be pretty easy. If they can manage four scores, they are rewarded for a quadruple return.

As I said, the other games would be Tampa Bay and Atlanta games. For all of the reasons mentioned above, the contest will feature the same lineup as the Fantasy Challenge with Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Calvin Ridley. If you want to tweak it, either Rob Gronkowski or Ronald Jones will be viable candidates.

Keep in mind that you can even stop playing single games and play the entire slate with Star Shootout. By doing this, you can choose from the best to create your own contest.

One of my favorite NFL player prop picks for the 17th week is the Star Shootout Touchdown Dance.

For those who remember the NBA Jam, we’re officially igniting this week’s rock. Hopefully you can keep that line alive to end the season.

The contest targets not only the NFL’s top scorers, but also the men on the team who have something to play in the 17th week.

First, it’s King Derrick Henry. We talked about how bad Houston was against Run. Also, Tennessee needs to win. The Titans were unable to conclude their division in the 16th week, but there are multiple ways to achieve it this week. If they beat the Texans, or if Indy loses, they’re sitting on top of the AFC South.

Rookie RB1 needs to have another great day on Sunday

Next is Jonathan Taylor, who is running back to Indianapolis Colts. Indy is fighting Tennessee for a division title. Taylor’s breakout happened as much as Colts tried to fight it. Taylor is the RB7 this season and has recorded six touchdowns in the last four games. Jacksonville allowed a total of 18 TDs to run back during the season (fifth in the NFL). And they allow the skill position player the third highest point at 82.6 points.

Colts is a winning game and needs some help to participate in the playoffs. In addition to their victory, they also need to be defeated by either the Titans, Ravens, Browns, or Dolphins. The victory and the defeat of the Titans will give Colts the title of AFC South.

Finally, it’s the NFL’s best WR, the Green Bay Packers’ Davante Adams. Green Bay is playing for the top spot in NFC, including the first round buy and homefield advantages. Never before has the number one seed meant more. Yes, Bears are a good defense. They are the 26th (18) TD allowed for wide receivers and the 6th point allowed for fantasy at 32.89.

But this is Davante Adams. He had 11 receptions at 142 yards and 3 touchdowns at SNF. In addition, he is having a ridiculous season increasing the number of video games. He has 17 TDs in the season and has scored in 9 of the last 10 games, including against the Bears.

How lucky do you think you are?

In the 17th week of Monkey Knife Fight, this NFL prop is a combination of Henry, Taylor, and Adams that makes it easy to clear the 2.5 touchdowns required for a 1.5x prize. If you want to be higher, you can triple your prize with a 3.5TD goal. The ability to choose your goals is part of the beauty of Monkey Knife Fight.Play this contest only after using the Monkey Knife Fight promo code PFN — It can be a pretty informative week! You can’t find another DFS site where you can find such a match.

I’ll probably be riding as many pick combinations as all other NFL props in the 17th week.

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NFL Player Props Week 17: This Week’s Monkey Knife Fight Props NFL Player Props Week 17: This Week’s Monkey Knife Fight Props

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