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2 weeks in a row New York Giants It was kept below 7 points.After a loss of 26-7 Arizona Cardinals In the 15th week, the Giants with Baker Mayfield Cleveland Browns..

Summing up seven rankings from around the internet, the Giants averaged 21st in the NFL for 32 teams entering the 16th week. New York fell one place from 20th place last week.

The Giants, who lost to the Browns, fell to 5-9 overall and missed the opportunity to take first place in the NFC East. Washington football team I lost on Sunday.They will do another rigorous test against 9-5 this week Baltimore Ravens..

Check out what the outlets around the league are saying about the Giants heading for the 16th week of the season:

: No. 23

They are still alive in the NFC East, but they need to win Baltimore this week for help. It’s not easy. No.19

Joe Judge coached on Sunday night with almost a fine level of despair. injury Robbed his quarterback (Daniel Jones),on the other hand COVID-19 designation Set his top cover man aside (James Bradley) And an aggressive coordinator (Jason Garrett). As a result, the judge chose force-down gambling on two red zone trips in the first half with Browns, hoping to score points and confuse New York. Sadly, these cowboy operations only make the coach look good when they are working.Both plays were unsuccessful (first Fake field goal throw Panther / holder Riley Dickson It became incomplete, the second Wayne Garman To be Stuffing with Cleveland 5), And Big Blue isn’t really threatened after that 20-6 loss.. New York hasn’t scored 20 points in the game for over a month. Even in the NFC East, it doesn’t mean to reduce it.

ESPN: No. 22

The effects of Blake Martinez are pretty good in statistics, but they cannot be measured. He lost 128 tackles and 8 tackles in 4th place in the NFL with 5 QB hits, pass cuts and 2 forced fumbles. Martinez is an extension of defense coordinator Patrick Graham on the field. He puts the Giants in the right defense and is central to all of them. It’s no coincidence that the Giants’ defense changed from 25th to 12th in a year. Their middle linebackers aren’t stars, but they are essential to their success.

Bleacher Report: No.19

At this point, it’s legally difficult to determine whether the New York Giants should be happy or disappointed with the performance of the past few weeks. On the one hand, the NFL is a results-oriented business. And the first season of Joe Judge’s era ends just like the three previous seasons. That is, you lose your record. However, there are some positive signs in the judge’s first season. New York’s defense has improved over the years as defensive end Leonard Williams has finally begun to play like a pick in the first round. If the Giants can be aggressively healthy, they seem to be able to fight in the weakest division of the league in 2021. But in 2020, the game could be over.

Sports Illustrated: No. 23

The attack showed its warts against Cleveland on Sunday night. The Giants have some rostering to do on that side of the ball, and existing issues are probably enough to prevent them from truly fighting in 2021.

Sports news: No. 23

The Giants’ aggressive pain has dragged down their good work on defense. Colt McCoy or Daniel Jones, they just don’t have enough pop as a run-based team.

New York Post: No. 20

Whether Daniel Jones or Colt McCoy will start this week, the Giants face the nearly impossible challenge of winning the NFC East without a confusing victory over a talented team starting to find themselves. FacingNext: Sunday in Baltimore

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NFL Power Rankings, Week 16: Giants Drop One Spot After Losing to Browns NFL Power Rankings, Week 16: Giants Drop One Spot After Losing to Browns

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