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NFL ’21: Breakdown of Week 13

Best team

Patriots (8-4)

The team that served as the best coach in the league outperformed their opponents 211-63 in six consecutive league-leading games. 7th in the rookie quarterback and 1st (15.8) and 1st in the AFC team that no one wants to face in the playoffs.

The most disappointed team

Rams (7-4)

The All-in Super Bowl Win or Bust Rams suffers only from Sean McVay’s second three-game losing streak in his five-year head coach career. These are handled by Tennessee, San Francisco, and Green Bay, behind the Arizona by two games in the NFC West. The Rams became too defensively cute, aggressively lost patience, and put too much pressure on Matthew Stafford to hit the long ball. McBay has never lost four games in a row.If he loses to Jacksonville at home on Sunday, oh, there’s a serious problem in LA

Viking ranking

No. 17 Another one score loss to OK and Hot, but a viking far from the really good 49ers team drops into three spots. Behind NFC’s Top 6 Teams, AFC’s Top 6 Teams, and Vegas, Denver, Indy, and Cleveland. Last week: 14.

Trend up

Tua Tagovailoa

The 23-year-old Dolphins quarterback has shown a remarkable backlash in the last two games, albeit against the Jets and Panthers. Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and Kyler Murray have joined Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and Kyler Murray as the only players with consecutive completion rates of 81.8 and 87.1 and a completion rate of 80 or higher (minimum 30 times) in consecutive games.

Trend down

Cam Newton

Why did Panthers give a $ 10 million guaranteed contract to a free agent that no one else wanted? Carolina had no choice but to put him on the bench against the dolphins after completing 5 of the 21 passes (23.8%) with 2 pass cuts and a 5.8 passer rating.

This week’s statistics

50: Adam Thielen’s career touchdown, which appeared twice in the first half against the Forty-niners. He joined Rod Smith (69), Gary Clark (65) and Wes Welker (50) as the only undrafted receivers who have reached 50 career touchdowns since 1967.

Three statistics to see

6: The 7-point lead that the Viking flew is the highest in 11 games since the Lions (also 6) in 2010.

3: Point Cleveland’s Baker Mayfield-led attack recorded four Lamar Jackson passcuts. It’s time to put the beat-up Baker on the bench and challenge Case Keenum.

2: In the last 30 seconds when Philadelphia lost to the Giants 13-7, a dropped touchdown passes by Jaylen Leaguer. The same Jalen Reagor was drafted one step ahead of Justin Jefferson. The first drop was Troy Williamson style, closing the leaguer’s eyes when the ball fell off the face mask.

This week’s game

The Patriots of Bills (7-4) (8-4)

See who has returned to the top of the AFC East after a year of hiatus. The Patriots lead Bills in half the game towards a stretch where these two teams play twice every four weeks. The Patriots achieved 11 consecutive victories before Buffalo won in a row last year. Buffalo is 3-3 in the last 6 games.

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NFL Week 13: Patriots top, Tour up, Cam down, Vikings continue to lead NFL Week 13: Patriots top, Tour up, Cam down, Vikings continue to lead

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