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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone! Can you believe that we are approaching the finish line of the regular season, not just in the middle of the holiday season? I feel like I blinked in September, but now I’m surrounded by snow in the northeast. This season is over, but you can enjoy a two-week full-scheduled NFL action before the playoffs. In other words, there are many games to bet on. Last week we focused on the money line with the 12-4 mark, but with a 7-7-2 record it was pretty ATS. That was reflected in this week’s five rocks (4-1SU and 2-2-1ATS).

Looking at the 16th week, we will have a full slate once on Christmas, three times on Saturday and Sunday. Highlight a bunch of these matches and select all of them below. But first, let’s take a look at five rocks this week.all NFL odds Via William Hill Sportsbook.

This week’s rock

Tampa Bay Detroit

Saturday, 1:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time) (NFLN)

Latest odds:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers-9.5

Detroit tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday, so all defensive staff and interim head coach Darrell Bevel Close contact reportedly.. In other words, there is some uncertainty about who can actually coach. Lions When they host Buccaneers Saturday. This only adds pressure to prepare for Tampa Bay in a short week for the Detroit team, who have lost four of the last five games.Bacchus still looks aggressively disjointed, but was able to mount a comeback against Falcons In the 15th week, if they could look like the clubs that were in the second half of the game, they should be able to cruise for a double-digit win here.

Forecast Score: Tampa Bay 28, Detroit 17
pick: Tampa Bay-9.5

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Miami Las Vegas

Saturday, 8:15 pm (Eastern Standard Time) (NFLN)

Latest odds:

Miami Dolphins-3

this is, Dolphin There are many motivations for going to Las Vegas, as the playoff hopes need to remain intact.In Miami NFL-This season’s best 11-3 ATS record will be covered in four straight contests on Saturday. Brian Flores’s defense leads the league in takeout, allowing only 18.4 points per game (26). Raiders Will do it well with anyone they start under the center. There are some solid parts to the attack, but the defense is Las Vegas revocation, and why did they lose four of the last five? Jon Gruden’s defense allows 36 points per game during the stretch of these five games. This is the most common in the NFL. The Raiders also reached 0-4 ATS in the 16th week. Given the low defense of Las Vegas, it’s difficult to lean on dolphins here.

Forecast Score: Miami 27, Las Vegas 20
pick: Miami-3

Indianapolis in Pittsburgh

Sunday, 1:00 pm ET (CBS)

Latest odds:

Indianapolis Colts-1.5

I don’t know how you can have faith Steelers After losing in Monday Night Football in the last few weeks and what they saw Bengals Be at the bottom of the rock. After starting 11-0, they lost three games in a row, averaging just over 16 points per game. Also, it is 1 to 4 ATS in the past 5 contests. They seem to be a dragging team in the postseason, and if you’re not careful, you could even lose a win in the AFC North.Is Colz, They have won 5 out of the last 6 times, including 3 consecutive victories. They are also 4-2 ATS in that range and 5-1 ATS in the last 6 road games.

Forecast Score: Indianapolis 28, Pittsburgh 14
pick: Indianapolis-1.5

New England Buffalo

Monday, 8:15 pm (Eastern Standard Time) (ESPN)

Latest odds:

Buffalo Bills-7

The· PatriotThe hope of reaching the playoffs officially died 15 weeks after losing to the dolphins.In the meantime, things are better than ever Buffalo Bills, Won the AFC East for the first time since 1995. Given the huge difference between these two teams, it’s no wonder Bill is a popular road here. But surprisingly, it’s been since 1999, when Buffalo became a popular road in New England. Even with a mediocre attack, the Patriots are in a difficult situation at this season’s ATS, but Buffalo is currently too hot to decline. Joshualen’s The club will come to Gillette Stadium on Monday night to cover six games. They also won four straight wins in double digits. In his career, Joshua Ren covered 72% of his 20 road starts.

Forecast Score: Buffalo 34, New England 13
pick: Buffalo-7

LA Rams In Seattle

Sunday, 4:05 pm ET (FOX)

Latest odds:

Los Angeles Rams +1.5

Los Angeles was able to win Seahawks Back in the 10th, 23rd and 16th weeks.Rams gave Russell Wilson Fits the whole contest, picks him up twice and fires him three times. The performance wasn’t just temporary, as Rams dominated Seattle under Sean McBay. They are 5-2SU against the Seahawks under McBay and are currently 3-0 ATS since the start of last season. LA also owns a +58 point difference in these games under McBay. More recently, Seattle has started 4-0 ATS and will be 3-7 ATS in the 16th week. Rams is 4-0 ATS, following the last four ATS losses, which is jet 15th week.

Forecast Score: LA Rams 28, Seattle 24
pick: LA Rams +1.5

Remaining bundle

New Orleans Minnesota
Forecast Score: New Orleans 27, Minnesota 24
pick: Minnesota +7

San Francisco, Arizona
Forecast Score: Arizona 28, San Francisco 17
pick: Arizona-5

Atlanta, Kansas City
Forecast Score: Kansas City 33, Atlanta 20
pick: Kansas City-10.5

NY Jets Cleveland
Forecast Score: Cleveland 24, New York Jets 7
pick: Cleveland-9.5

Jacksonville Chicago
Forecast Score: Chicago 23, Jackson Building 17
pick: Jackson Building +7.5

New York Giants In Baltimore
Forecast Score: Baltimore 28, New York Giants 14
pick: Baltimore-11

Cincinnati in Houston
Forecast Score: Houston 21, Cincinnati 10
pick: Houston-8

Denver, LA Charger
Forecast Score: LA Chargers 24, Denver 23
pick: Denver +3

Washington Carolina
Forecast Score: Washington 26, Carolina 21
pick: Washington-2.5

Philadelphia in Dallas
Forecast Score: Philadelphia 24, Dallas 21
pick: Philadelphia-2.5

Green Bay Tennessee
Forecast Score: Green Bay 33, Tennessee 30
pick: Tennessee +3.5

Pick record

Against week 15 spreads: 7-7-2
Overall ATS: 106-108-8

Straight in the 15th week: 12-4
SU as a whole: 149-72-1

– NFL Sports

NFL Week 16 odds, pick: Colts continued to send Steelers in a downward spiral, Dolphins outperformed the Raiders

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