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There are no 0-16 teams. Jets surprised Rams with one of the biggest point spread turmoil in NFL history. Their fans aren’t happy with it, and it shouldn’t be. Currently, Jaguar has an inside track for Trevor Lawrence’s sweepstakes, has just been suppressed by Ravens, and is now playing that “better”. The only match between the winning teams, Chiefs and Saints, in the 15th week was on demand, but New Orleans had to assemble late to do so. Otherwise, the week was defined by the candidates to handle the business. It’s not always a clean method. Week 16 is the confrontation between AFC candidates as Indianapolis travels to wind up Pittsburgh, the NFC West hegemony battle between the Rams and the Seahawks, and Sunday between the Titans and Packers. It features the night marquee case. Also, the situation in NFC East may become clearer or all teams may be defeated. It’s really hard to say.

The point spread is As of 11:00 am on Thursday.

Note: Picks with spreads are shown in bold.

Last week: 9-4-3 Season: 112-107-5

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NFL Week 16: Picks and Previews NFL Week 16: Picks and Previews

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