NHL 21 update adds new settings to help you find better games online

NHL 21 has made some changes to the matchmaking experience. should Brings better time for players. A new update is coming soon that adds a “maximum average ping” setting that players can use to limit the maximum ping for online matches.

In a blog post by EA Sports, one of the biggest feedbacks we’ve received since launch is that players are willing to wait longer to find a match if the match is well connected. This is especially important in competitive mode.

With the new maximum average ping setting, players can define a benign ping for a better experience. The ping range is 20 ms to 100 ms. If you don’t mind ping,[任意]You can also select.

“Maximum average ping does not limit finding a match on the best server. For example, if you receive a maximum of 25ms of ping on the nearest server, but you set the maximum average ping to 20ms, it will still match. You can find it on the server giving ~ 25ms, “said EA.

This update also supports what EA calls “match dodging.” Players who find a match but have a low connection rate will, of course, be sent off before the game starts. However, with the new maximum average ping setting, players need to know what they are working on from the beginning.

“With this change, when a match is found against an opponent, the game of HUT rivals and HUT champions will now be counted in your record. Any after the match has taken place and the loading screen has started. Players who finish the game at that point will receive a loss, “said EA.

NHL 21 was launched in October for PS4 and Xbox One. The game is playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X via backward compatibility, and players may experience improvements in frame rate and load time, but EA is a custom version of NHL21 for next-generation systems. Has not been created.

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