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The NHL closing deadline is a thank you to the Government of Canada.

On Thursday, league sources confirmed to ESPN that a 14-day quarantine for NHL players had been exchanged from the US team to the Canadian team. Will be shortened to 7 days, With additional COVID-19 test. This will North district team I am trying to reach across the border to complete a transaction before the April 12 transaction deadline.

But that was just one of several extraordinary impacts on the trade market this season. Think about it:

  • A flat $ 81.5 million salary cap that limits the team’s trading options unless the team ships money as well.

  • Expansion draft Seattle Kraken The off-season is approaching. There are more subtle rules, but the basic requirements of the team are to protect 7 forwards, 3 defenses and 1 goalkeeper, or 8 skaters (forward / defense) and 1 goalkeeper.

  • The fact that some teams are not eager to overreact to what is considered an unusual season affected by COVID.

As trade activity intensifies before the deadline of 3:00 pm EST on April 12, we will take a step-by-step look at rentals, investments and wildcard stars.

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NHL Trade Tier by Position NHL Trade Tier by Position

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