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After the NHL announces that the NHLPA has voted in favor Important dates, details, and COVID-19 protocol On Sunday afternoon, they announced a regular season schedule for 56 games for all teams. The regular season begins on Wednesday, January 13th. Washington Capitals will open the 2020-21 season against Buffalo Sabers at the First Niagara Center on Thursday, January 14th.

Due to the closure of the US-Canada border, each team will only play intra-departmental games during the regular season and in the first two rounds of the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs. [click to enlarge]

The breakdown of the Capitals schedule by opponents is as follows.

Boston Bruins – 1/30 vs. BOS, 2/1 vs. BOS, 3/3 at BOS, 3/5 at BOS, 4/8 vs. BOS, 4/11 vs. BOS, 4/18 at BOS, 4/20 at BOS

Buffalo Sabers – 1/14 for BUF, 1/15 for BUF, 1/22 for BUF, 1/24 for BUF, 2/11 for BUF, 2/13 for BUF, 15 for BUF and 4/13, 4 / BUF

New Jersey Devils – 2/27 at NJ, 3/1 at NJ, 3/7 vs. NJ, 3/9 vs. NJ, 3/25 vs. NJ, 3/26 vs. NJ, 4/2 at NJ, New Jersey In 4/4

New York Islanders – 1/26 vs. NYI, 1/28 vs. NYI, 3/15 vs. NYI, 3/16 vs. NYI, 4/1 at NYI, 4/6 at NYI, 4/22 at NYI, 4/24 in NYI

New York Rangers – 2/4 at NYR, 2/20 vs. NYR, 2/21 vs. NYR, 3/19 vs. NYR, 3/28 vs. NYR, 3/30 at NYR, 5/3 at NYR, 5/5 in NYR

Philadelphia Flyers – 2/7 vs. PHI, 2/9 vs. PHI, 3/11 at PHI, 3/13 at PHI, 4/17 at PHI, 4/27 at PHI, 5/7 vs. PHI, 5 / 8 vs PHI

Pittsburgh Penguins – 1/17 for PIT, 1/19 for PIT, 2/14 for PIT, 2/16 for PIT, 2/23 for PIT, 2/25 for PIT, 4/29 for PIT, 5/1 for PIT

Many markets are unable to play games with fans in the crowd, so the NHL can sell naming rights to departments to make some money.

The only change from the traditional metropolitan division is that the Sabers and Bruins are coming in and the Carolina Hurricanes and Columbus Blue Jackets are out only this season.

The Capitals played 11-10-2 against their opponents in the division this season in 2019-20. This corresponds to a record of 27-24-5 in 56 game seasons. But of course, each team has made changes during the off-season, and this season is different. The only teams in the Capitals division that did not participate in the NHL’s return to play plan last summer were the Sabers and Devil’s.

Additional schedule notes:

  • Longest road trip: 6 (4 / 17-4 / 27 – PHI, BOS 2x, NYI 2x, PHI)
  • Longest home stand: 6 (2x – 1 / 22-2 / 1, 3 / 15-3 / 28)
  • There is no goodbye week, but the capital has a five-day break from March 19th to March 25th
  • One single game road trip (at 2/4 NYR)
  • There is no all-star game
  • 10 sets back to back

The next game will take place on January 13th and the night will begin throughout the league for the 2020-21 season.

  • Toronto Maple Leafs Montreal Canadiens
  • Philadelphia Flyers Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Tampa Bay Lightning Chicago Blackhawks
  • Colorado Avalanche St. Louis Blues
  • Edmonton Oilers Vancouver Canucks

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NHL will release the 2020-21 Regular Season Schedule.Capitals Home Opener vs Sabers January 22 NHL will release the 2020-21 Regular Season Schedule.Capitals Home Opener vs Sabers January 22

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