NHL21 roster share desperately wanted

All sports games require roster sharing or general “sharing” functionality. However, sports such as soccer, soccer, baseball and hockey are even more convenient due to the wide range of leagues and teams available. The unfortunate thing here is that only two of these sports, baseball and soccer, have high quality “sharing” capabilities. During this year’s pre-release, I was told to stink again. NHL 21 It’s a roster sharing feature, but it’s not the only cause here.

There was a rough moment when Madden’s roster sharing feature didn’t work for a long time, but the point is that it’s there. The show helped prevent the stagnant franchise mode from becoming completely frustrating between sharing rosters and saving carryovers. NBA 2K sought to take full advantage of the “sharing” capabilities of non-PES franchises. It can be very uneven in some areas, but what is important is that we are trying to provide people with ample opportunity to share. Rosters, draft classes, and many other elements.

In FIFA, the fact that there is no roster sharing, or sharing feature of any kind, is really confusing. We take pride in having more leagues than any game, but we can’t share tactics, rosters or sliders. Being able to share tactics alone will really open up a lot of useful real things in career mode. At some level, the NHL is a small development team, so there’s a little excuse, but in FIFA, there’s no reason why sharing isn’t there at this time.

Then there are PES that can share kits, logos, team names, tactics, rosters and logos. The Microsoft console missed some of this because of the way Microsoft designed the sharing feature, but the sharing feature keeps PES relevant even if it loses some licenses here and there. It was really helpful.

NHL21 roster share should already exist

But back to the point here, NHL 21 The roster sharing feature is urgently needed as it can actually open many new avenues in the series.

EA NHL developers should be praised for really trying to enhance franchise and career modes over the last few years. The NHL is terribly behind the competition, and the EA can almost always bring these two modes back to a stable location and add them in the future to keep them up to date. The problem — and this is probably more pronounced this year due to the late start to the actual season — is that the roster itself requires a lot of work. The EA has been criticized in the past for being slow to provide official roster updates, and this year we got the rookie earlier than usual to get them into the game, but the roster is still not ideal for sports fans. I can’t say.

It’s not just the base roster. Yes, it’s stinking that NHLPA rules require you to keep all top newcomers underage instead of joining the NHL team right now, but that’s a short-term issue. Blessings and curses are the long-term issues here, and the ones that can improve overall gameplay and reliability. The EA NHL game actually has a lot of depth when it comes to editing and creating players, but it’s hard to understand on a wider scale.

Player editing is not fully utilized


An example of this is editing the style of skating and shooting for individual players (and celebrations).

Shooting style
Shot style
One timer style

Skating style
Spine angle
Spine curve
Stride walking
Stride distance
Stride height
Upper body twist
Hustle style
Hustle arm swing
Hustle arm snap
One-handed arm swing


All of these elements can be edited and adjusted on a per NHL player basis. However, EA developers don’t do much for real NHL players, so they do more for players created for things like Be A Pro. But if we had a share of the roster, people could go to ham and actually change the skate and shoot styles of hundreds of players. Many NHL stars have distinct and different shots and skating styles, which can be of great help in adding credibility to the game.

The NHL has many leagues, and drafts, like all sports, are a big part of the NHL. The EA also doesn’t bring all the top prospects into the game, leaving “minors” out of place where they need them. Every year, OS people create threads to make outlooks, but draft class and minor league teams don’t have a real roster share, so this is an obvious mistake here. It only hurt people in franchise mode, so it stinks in all games where this doesn’t matter. (In addition to sharing the roster, you also need to be able to edit the attributes after the franchise starts, but that’s not directly related to sharing the roster.)

Appearance of the player


This is another factor that makes roster sharing a great help, but there are still minor factors that need to be obtained from the EA. First, COVID means we didn’t get a bunch of new face scans — and fair enough there — but the game’s appearance editor is very good. There are a lot of common players in the game right now, but there are a lot of people who are willing to edit these players (both low-level guys and stars who didn’t get a face scan) to create them. must. Further updated. But what’s the point if you can’t really share this information?

Now, the other part that needs to be done apart from allowing the EA to share the player’s edits is to modify the player’s portrait. No one in the NHL should have a black box for player portraits. We have real pictures of these guys, make sure they are always there. At the very least, place a virtual image of the player, not an empty black box. I don’t think the player portrait will be part of the roster sharing, but this requires a logical workaround. This is small but noticeable, and should no longer be a problem in modern sports games.

Player evaluation

nhl21 franchise mode trading deadline

You can see why the NHL base roster is so packed with overalls most often in the 70’s and 90’s. There are many minor leagues and other leagues in the game, so an overall scale of 100 means that EA will try to separate the top level players from the players below. However, experience has shown that this is not the best way to make NHL games feel great.It’s also humorous to point out that there are no other leagues in the game NHL94 Rewind The game actually has no other leagues, so it has a greater overall spread using 100 point scales and above than the base game. (The oldest EA NHL games used most of the 100-point scale.)

So what happens is that a lot of people take the time to edit the rating and make the stars stand out more from the fourth liner there. This takes time, but is useful. It doesn’t fix everything, and some of the problems are that the “overall rating” is tied to a particular statistic and is artificially boosted to lead the player to a higher overall. In other words, some kind of more diverse player rating / player type system can help make the 88 overall defender feel more different than the 88 overall sniper if the rating system is more flexible. there is.

Anyway, being able to edit a roster rating and share that roster is NHL 21 Sharing the roster will make the game better.

Slider and line settings


The game slider is obvious here, but the line settings are also important. Being able to edit how each team plays and how they play all lines and fix the four lines and defensive pairing is a small addition that has been overlooked so far.

These line settings are also really important. Individual line strategies can make a big difference in how each line feels. Obviously you have control over how your team plays, but it would be nice to be able to tweak these for all NHL teams. Again, developers have put a lot of depth into these areas of the game, but how much they can actually enhance the game by being overlooked or by making teams and players stand out in all new ways. People don’t understand. I didn’t realize it was possible.


I’m always confused if the developer doesn’t include the “share” feature in the game. There is no downside to including it. Game lovers will make it better, and you will get a happier audience because you have another way to make the game better. If there is a risk of proceedings because something is shared, it may contain legal elements, but Madden, PES, The Show, and NBA 2K all seem to accept it. In other words, I understand the fear that small indie game developers don’t want to add sharing capabilities to sports games, but companies like EA and Take-Two have to deal with potential issues. We have enough money and a lawyer. up.

Overall, we hope that with the beginning of a new generation, everyone will have access to the “share” feature. We would be in a great place if all sports games could carry over roster and franchise saves, like MLB The Show. Remember, the great thing about MLB The Show is that you don’t have to start your roster or franchise from scratch every year. With new games coming out every year, that doesn’t mean you have to start all over again. It’s time to completely modernize this aspect of sports games.

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