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NHVR targets priority safety risks in a five-year plan

Increasing fatigue risk management options and promoting safer, cleaner and more efficient heavy vehicles will be a major initiative of national heavy vehicle regulators.

Together with targeted compliance activities, these considerations are prioritized under NHVR’s five-year strategy for heavy vehicle safety.

The strategy by NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto outlines the collective ambitions of regulators to achieve better heavy vehicle safety results and reduce the number of collisions, deaths, and serious injuries associated with heavy vehicles. increase.

“As a modern risk-based regulator, this strategy ensures that by using data-driven intelligence, we target and minimize the greatest safety risks along the road and supply chain,” he said. Said in a statement released today.

“The Action Plan provides an annual overview that defines the day-to-day operations of regulators and the opportunities for partnerships with industry and stakeholders.”

The Heavy Vehicle Safety Strategy 2021-25 and its supporting action plan 2021-22 have been developed in consultation with a wide range of government, industry and safety advocates.

This strategy includes making positive changes in individual behavior and culture, promoting the adoption of the latest and safer heavy vehicles, and using it to support road network design and road safety in the industry. Includes three guiding themes promoted by.

Petroccitto said the strategy would serve as an active work program over the next few years.

“As the heavy-duty vehicle industry and supply chain grow, we need to continue to focus on providing the highest levels of safety,” he said.

“We continue to learn more about the maturity of the industry, and supporting our initiative focuses on enabling people in the best position to manage safety risks to do so. “We do,” said Petrossit.

“We would like to thank the many stakeholders who helped develop this strategy and look forward to making the industry safer, more productive and more efficient in the future.”

NHVR has already begun offering the key actions of the Heavy Vehicle Safety Strategy Action Plan 2021-22, with the following highlights:

* Encourage the adoption of advanced fatigue management through new and clear guidelines and direct involvement with shipping companies

* Improved, more accessible Safety Management System (SMS) documentation focused on practical and easy-to-implement safety business practices and initiatives, including a 9-step SMS roadmap launched in August. Provide to the industry

* Supporting the industry to provide industry-specific codes of conduct

* Conduct intelligence-led national road safety activities in collaboration with regulatory and enforcement partners

* Provides vehicle purchasing guidance to raise awareness and incorporation of vehicle safety and environmental technologies

* Provides road managers with information and insights on heavy vehicle issues through national and other working groups related to infrastructure policies, plans and investments.

* Under the Strategic Municipal Asset Assessment Project, we support safe access to heavy vehicles through infrastructure assessment and development of assessment tools for road managers.

NHVR targets priority safety risks in a five-year plan NHVR targets priority safety risks in a five-year plan

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