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After becoming one of the SEC’s most productive defenders last season, Nick Bolton launched the NFL Draft Board during the summer scouting process. He has solidified himself as one of the outlooks for top linebackers in 2021. Bolton is short and earns a living as a powerful athlete with a great instinct for games. He’s a field spark plug, and he’s projecting as a player the NFL team will love in the locker room. A leader both inside and outside the field, he aims to transition to the NFL’s MIKE backer.

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Nick Bolton NFL Draft Profile

  • Height: 6 feet

  • Weight: 232 lbs

  • Position: Linebacker

  • School: Missouri

  • This year: Junior

The three-star outlook for graduating from high school was clear that Bolton was always the best player when he stepped into the field. Successive district MVPs in high school shocked him not being considered a better outlook for high school. Despite receiving offers from defense powers like Utah and Washington, Bolton chose to attend Missouri.

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Bolton saw the time to play immediately as a true freshman, played a role in the rotation of 10 games, and registered 22 tackles and sack. He was the most promising match against Alabama. As a true freshman, Bolton went out and recorded a total of eight tackles against arguably the best college football team each year, even having a 10-yard kick-returner.

In his second season, Bolton became one of the top linebackers across the SEC, leading the conference with tackles and being named to the First Team All Conference.Bolton Registered There are a total of 103 tackles a year, eight of which are defeated. He also created one sack, two intercepts, one of which returned for a touchdown and made seven path deflections. Bolton has attracted everyone’s attention with his flashy numbers and is widely regarded as one of the best linebackers in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Bolton bounces off a quality game with Mississippi

In his last college match, Nick Bolton played in a powerful show. He recorded 7 tackles (1 tackle) and pass deflection, showing a great backlash from his performance against Georgia. With a powerful NFL combine, I was able to see Bolton filmed in the first round.

Overwhelming Bolton against Georgia

Nick Bolton was arguably the best linebacker in the country this year. He was brilliantly productive while acting as a top player in Missouri defense. But against Georgia, he played the worst match of the season. Regardless of his last performance, Bolton still predicted it as a top 50 choice and could see his stock rise to the top 25.

Bolton leaves with a pathetic targeting call

Targeting continues to be the worst penalty in college football. Paid referees will call it on a blockbuster, regardless of whether they meet the penalty requirements. Bolton lit up in the middle of the field with Arkansas WR John David White on his chest against his chest. It was the best defense spray of the day throughout college football.

Still, the crew in charge accidentally threw the flag. Thankfully, Bolton was sent off in the first half and is eligible to play on Saturday. Hopefully, in the NFL, Bolton’s influence will not be wasted by incompetent officials.

Bolton’s same result against the new game, Vanderbild

Bolton has registered two tackles and one sack against Vanderbilt. He currently has six and a half tackles and two sack in the last four games. Missouri linebackers tackled a total of nine times last weekend, bringing the season to a total of 76. Bolton is one of the most productive players in the country and draft inventories are increasing weekly. Expect another productive game of the week with Arkansas.

Bolton dominates South Carolina

South Carolina Gamecock managed only a total of 10 points against Missouri defense and was centrally due to Nick Bolton. He recorded a total of 14 tackles, two of which were behind the Line of Scrimmage, and Bolton continued his reign of terror against the opposite crime. Bolton has averaged over 11 tackles per game this season. He is currently participating in the first round of the NFL Draft conversation.

Bolton plays the best career game against Florida and continues to grow shares in the NFL Draft

It may not have been the most productive game of his career. But rest assured. His film for Florida is the best tape produced by Nick Bolton. He was everywhere, constantly blocking what the Florida attack wanted to do. He recorded a total loss of 10 tackles and 1.5 tackles. Bolton is one of the best performing linebackers in the country to this point of the season.

Bolton’s minor production return over Kentucky

It’s understandable that Bolton will return to some degree of normality after playing an average of 14 games in the last two weeks. He has accumulated seven tackles and one sack in his second Missouri victory this season. He was still overwhelmingly positive in the game and was arguably the best player on the field in any snap.

Nick Bolton’s back-to-back double-digit tackle game

It’s almost strange to say that after astonishing us with his 17-tackle performance last week, the 11-tackle performance against LSU was a bit overwhelming. It was until Bolton also recorded three pass deflections and realized that he was the thorn of an LSU pass attack all night. Bolton doesn’t have enough credit for how good his coverage is. That is a solid strength of his game.

Bolton blows up statistics sheet against Tennessee to increase NFL draft inventory

Nick Bolton thought he had a productive match in the opening round. Still, we didn’t know what we were looking for. For Tennessee volunteers, Bolton registered a total of 17 tackles, most of his career. He was everywhere, playing from sideline to sideline and throbbing between tackles. Games like this are why Bolton can easily see the reality of leading the NFL in tackles.

Bolton’s productive opener

Despite Missouri’s clearly inferior team, Missouri defense kept Alabama at 38 points. This may not seem impressive, but the Alabama attack was the only time in the first six weeks with less than 40 points. Bolton flew through all the games, recording a total of eight tackles, losing tackles, and fumble recovery. Bolton’s strong start to the season is a big deal for his draft stock.

Nick Bolton’s NFL Draft Fits

It’s difficult to accurately assess how much the NFL evaluates Nick Bolton. You can find a draft analyst who considers him the second best linebacker in his class, but other analysts are bringing him closer to LB10 than LB1. However, the NFL recognizes a blend of his powerful athleticism and elite football IQ and takes him with the intention of someone becoming a microphone for their defense. Teams like the Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns, and Kansas City Chiefs all make a lot of sense.

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Nick Bolton, LB, Missouri-NFL Draft Player Profile Nick Bolton, LB, Missouri-NFL Draft Player Profile

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