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AEW World Champion Kenny Omega recently answered some questions about upcoming AEW video games and provided details.

In a recent AEW Game 2.Show video, Kip Sabian and Kenny Omega discussed the next game in more detail. OMEGA acknowledges that the release date could be 2021 or 2022 and will let people know if they know of themselves.

After that, Omega answered more questions and started asking if the game had a “create wrestler” mode.

“Of course. One of those favorite modes is someone who wants to create their own wrestler, apart from those who want to play the role of their favorite wrestler. Sometimes they are something weird or themselves or another. I want to make something that looks like a promotional wrestler. I understand that it’s one of the most fun parts of these games, so I’ll give you the opportunity to do it. Robust and add to your character Check out the many options and operations to do. That’s our top priority. “

Next, Omega was asked if there was an online gameplay mode. Omega confirmed that, but some specific factors are not limited to it.

“There is competition online. You will be able to play with your friends and your friends with all kinds of options. We are looking for ways to incorporate cross-play capabilities. Of course, online play. Will be done and all match types and specific features will be online only. We are exploring many new creative and innovative things to do online. These are what we are working on. There is no idea that is 100% certain or certain. “

Finally, Omega was asked if the game would be more simulated or arcade.

“The first thing that comes to mind when you see a full simulation-based wrestling is the FirePro. It has a huge fan base. However, many people mix up with their peers if the simulation is too high. For those who want to feel the speed and fun that older games offer, you’ll find that some of the fun is lost. Will it be a complete simulation? No, but you’re in control of the character as you move. Do you want the player to feel like? Yes. It’s the speed of arcade play, but the movement feels like you’re in the ring.

“It will be a faster version of very realistic wrestling. I want you to see what wrestling will be like in 2020. There are so many moves like now that you can’t add to character creation at the time. You can play phoenix-like ropes, perform different variations of Canadian destroyers, and perform all the different strike combinations. “(From H / T) For transcription)

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Nick Jackson talks about his experience at COVID-19 Nick Jackson talks about his experience at COVID-19

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