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It took 15 minutes, Nico Ekebury Are back on track to fight Fury Fighting Championship The belt he once owned.

Former Fury Lightweight Champion Ekebury unanimously made a clear decision at the Fury FC47 main event on Sunday. KengrenHe showed his superiority at all stages and gained momentum as the battle progressed. For most of the first round, Echeverry chose to keep fighting, flashing crisp jabs and kicking his legs and body in a timely manner to keep short Glens away. In Round 2, the previous champion turned to the ground game, repeatedly defeating Glen and advancing to a dominant position. In the final round, perhaps feeling tired, Ekebury increased his aggression, grounded Glen again, took his back, and worked briefly for the choke. Glenn was a game from beginning to end and wasn’t in serious danger of ending in Round 3, but the biased final frame stamped an increasingly one-sided battle. The judge saw it the same way and gave Echeverry a fight with a unanimous 30-27 score.

With this victory, 30-year-old Echeverry (10-4; 7-3 Fury) Leville SimpsonDefeated him in the second round knockout of the then-vacant lightweight title at Fury FC45 in April. Glen fell to 9-7 overall, shocking and losing two straight games. Morris
His short promotional debut, also at Fury FC45.

Chavez lasts longer than Macario

At the joint main event, Colorado Edwin Chavez defeat Gabriel Macario With closely contested featherweight scrap. Macario seemed to be better off in the first round near the razor due to his numerous ground scramble wrestling and advantages. In the last two rounds, Chavez insisted on his greater reach and sharper boxing, proving that when Macario slowed down in the final round, Chavez was willing to bring the fight to the ground as well. All three rounds were very competitive, but the judge was unanimous in recording the 29-28 fight for Chavez. Chavez moved to 5-1 (2-0 Fury), resulting in his first career defeat. Cheyden Leialoha Behind him at LFA106 in April. Macario (6-5; 1-3 Fury) dropped 2 straights.

Esteves Strangles Hillail

Loram Esteves (3-1; 1-0 Fury) Overcome a crowd of Partisans and something close to a knockout and suffocate Omar Hiller (3-2; 0-2 Fury) The second round of their featherweight attractions. Esteves, a 27-year-old Brazilian via San Antonio, survived the storm in the first round as Hillail was a more aggressive man on his feet and on the ground. The second round began to get worse for Esteves as “Gazakid” shook him badly with a punch in the opening second, and head kicks and punch gusts continued in search of the finish. Esteves recovered and jumped to guard with a guillotine with his arms crossed, from which Hilleil escaped. After a while, Esteves tried again with an armless, high-elbow guillotine. The position wasn’t ideal as Hillail landed on the side control, but the squeeze on the grappler at the Ohana Academy forced him to tap out anyway, and referee Joe Solis took action at 3:27. ..

Caballero puts Jones aside

The first battle since November 2019, Peter Caballero (7-4; 3-0 Fury) was a little too big, too strong, too fast, too good everywhere Casey Jones
(7-6; 7-5 Fury) In their featherweight contest. Jones, who usually fights in the bantamweight division, was tough and very game-like, had trouble navigating the reach of Caballero, but had even greater problems getting up when unloaded. The battle was very competitive until the final round when Caballero touched Jones again, after which he regained and spent most of the round in control. Caballero was working on rear-naked choke when the time was up, and although he didn’t get close to the finish, it was enough to convince the judges who scored 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28. Favor of Corpus Christi Native.

Hefernan wins

Among other things, it returns a 23-month furlough caused by an accidental gunshot wound on the arm. Jake Hefernan (8-2; 6-0 Fury) made a considerable statement with RFA Bellator MMA veteran Justin Lin
(7-6) In a match against their featherweight main card. Hefernan’s benefits in batting, especially in fighting, were apparent in the middle of Round 1. He spent much of his fighting on Lynn’s domination and advancing to a dominant position. By the third round, an additional advantage, Cardio, had worked and the one-sided battle had already turned into a rout. Heffernan regained control, then mounted and worked for submission when it expired. The proper nickname “Grinder” was rewarded for his efforts with 30-27, 30-27, and one 30-26 scorecard. The victory not only ends Hefernan’s long absence, but also ends his first losing streak in his career, quickly returning him to the picture of the Fury Featherweight title. Lynn, meanwhile, is in a freefall state, losing five times in a row after opening his career 7-1, but all five losses are against top-level competition.

Guzman Throttle Garza

Prospects for weight reduction of W4R training center Santiago Gusman (2-2; 1-1 Fury) Less than half the rounds required for dispatch Paul Garza
(2-3; 1-2 Fury), show off some dirty work in the clinch before getting things done with clinical efficiency in the field-it doesn’t mean breaking the rules-. Early on, Santiago grabbed the collar tie, then robbed Garza with his elbows and uppercut, and then dragged it onto the canvas at the base of the fence. From there, “The Scorpion King” immediately took Garza’s back and tightened his rear-naked choke. After a few desperate punches over his shoulder, Garza tapped out at 2:08 in Round 1 to encourage referee Jeff Rexlord to intervene.

Moreno Blast Everett

One of Texas’s brightest amateur outlooks, as a 23-year-old knockout artist, has successfully transitioned to the professional ranks. Isaac Moreno (1-0; 1-0 Fury) Punch Out Brexton Everett (1-1; 0-1 Fury) The second round of the welterweight main card opener. That doesn’t mean that “prime time” didn’t face adversity along the way. Everett went ahead in the first round and threw without explicitly worrying about Moreno’s size, speed and power. Everett dropped Moreno with a right overhand and rushed in search of a guillotine choke, but Moreno quickly recovered, exploded and returned to his feet. Everett stayed honest with Moreno’s face, but Moreno’s great size and power began to speak. Early in Round 2, Moreno caught the kick, pushed Everett to the ground and hit him with a punch. Everett survived long enough to recover, but the barrage of punches did not stop and referee Joe Solis intervened to stop the molding at 2:04 in the round.

Qualifying: Hickman crushes Puntha

Spare card: Gracie Bach Woodlands Lightweight
Taylor Hickman (2-0) Ground and pounding Johnny Puntha (1-4) When TKO wins at 2:25 in the first round.Factory X outlook Marquel Mederos (1-0) Spear Jonathon Moskowitz (0-1) One-punch KO at 1:05 in Round 2 in the light weight debut battle.Washington-based light heavyweight
Matt Walters (1-0) Beatdown Jimmy Lugo
(1-2) Make a ground strike at 1:07 in the second round. And in the only heavyweight match in the afternoon, Richard Lewis (3-3) Beating
Ricardo Ferreira Evangelista
(1-1) For tapping on the second round strike.

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Nico Ekebury grinds Ken Glen with Fury FC47 headliner Nico Ekebury grinds Ken Glen with Fury FC47 headliner

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