NieR: Automata’s “final secret” was discovered almost four years later

NieR: Automata’s “final secret” was discovered nearly four years later, allowing you to skip the entire game. Kotaku, modder, and dataminer report Lance McDonald I’ve found this cheat code that allows players to go directly to the end of NieR: Automata just by defeating the first boss.NieR: The automata released in 2017 have multiple endings that require players to replay the game multiple times to truly complete the story. However, this cheat code makes it easy to get to the very end.

NieR Spoilers: Automata.

After unlocking Ending E, the player must go through a challenging arcade shooter that tries to destroy the credits of the game. When complete, you will be given the option to sacrifice stored data to assist others in the task. If accepted, the saved file will actually be lost.

However, you can use this cheat code to get to the end to help others without having to complete the game or abandon the hard-earned stored data. McDonald’s discovered that this wasn’t a glitch, but the actual cheat code programmed into NieR: Automata.According to him, it took “Hundreds of hours of reverse engineering” To understand this.

At the time of writing this article, McDonald’s hasn’t fully revealed what the input to activate the cheat code is, but the video above shows after defeating the first boss mentioned above. It shows that it is doing so near some barrels. The screen goes dark and you can sacrifice stored data.

Following this discovery NieR: Automata Director Taro Yokoo It seems that he tweeted the video of McDonald’s and confirmed the discovery by saying “3 years and 10 months (◎ blood ◎)”.

The· Japan NieR Twitter He also acknowledged the discovery, saying (via Google Translate) that “the last secret seems to have been discovered.”

McDonald’s says it will soon release a full video of the cheat code that skips the game, but if you understand it by then, be sure to let us know.This “last secret” is NieR Replicant Ver. It arrives only a few months ago. 1.22474487139 will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 23, 2021.

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