NieR: The final secret of Automata was discovered almost four years after its release

TAction-RPG NieR: Approximately four years after the launch of Automata, his last secret was revealed.

NieR: The final secret of Automata was discovered almost four years after its release

The last mystery of action RPG has been discovered NieR: Automata Recently announced on Twitter by developer Taro Yokoo. Discovered by data mining and content creator Lance McDonald (yes, the same Dark Souls data miner who discovered the cut boss from something like Bloodborne, such as the Snakeball Boss). McDonald’s tweeted his findings shortly confirmed by Taro Yokoo’s Twitter account. Fans who don’t want spoilers may not want to see short clips:

The last secret revealed is actually a cheat code that allows the player to apply it after killing the first boss. Rather than a number / letter code, a cheat code is actually a series of attacks, rolls, and moves, which pays homage to the classic cheat formula games used in the past. .. In order to be activated, all movements must be separated while standing in a particular location. Upon successful execution, the player can immediately move to the “last” of the ending and unlock the bonus game mode. McDonald’s also states that it will release a complete video explaining exactly how this works.

This cheat isn’t a hack or an exploit, it’s actually written into the game. For more information on how Lance McDonald unearthed this secret He shared It was due to “hundreds of hours of reverse engineering.” It’s a dedication to some extent, but I’m sure many fans will appreciate this discovery as it allows them to unlock the ending without going through the entire game. We don’t recommend using this code the first time you play it, as it’s worth playing, but for those who have played it, it can help you get the main ending.

What do you think of this cheat code? Would you like to use it to unlock the ending? Please let us know in the comments below.

Recently, NieR: Automata has sold over 5 million copies since its launch in 2017. The next NieR game to be released is the remastered or upgraded NieR Replicant 1.22474487139, which will be released on April 24, 2021 as the first part of Automata.

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