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Nigerian troops intercept ammunition on the C’river

13 Brigade – 82 Division Nigerian operatives intercepted a Toyota Camry vehicle with registration number JAL 492 AA and carried various ammunition in the village of Utanga, Cross River.

The car was said to be heading for the Obdu Mountains.

The troops deployed at the forward operating base Amana tried to stop the vehicle at a checkpoint, but the driver evaded the check and zoomed off. Due to driver resistance, the army fired at the vehicle’s tires, thereby immobilizing the vehicle.

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According to Army spokesman Oniema Nuwachuk, a search for the car on Wednesday revealed that it was equipped with 72 improvised explosive device chargers, 121 dynamite liquid, and 200 7.62 mm (NATO) shots. There was found. , And 82 rounds of 7.62mm (special) ammunition. Other items recovered from the vehicle were military uniforms and kits.

“Members of the nation are urged to continue to support our troops with reliable information that will help stop the flow of anxiety across the country,” the military said in a statement.

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Nigerian troops intercept ammunition on the C’river Nigerian troops intercept ammunition on the C’river

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