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This month on the PC and next year on the console.

Developer Frozenbyte returns to last year’s popular Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince with six new stages of side-scrolling platform action as part of the new Melody of Mystery Story DLC, which will be released on PC later this month.

Three powerful hero bands from Trine 4 (Amadeus, Pontius, Zoya) return to the Melody of Mystery. This time, we embark on an adventure to see a trio trying to free the students of the Astral Academy, who are trapped in fascinating magic. sleep.

According to Frozenbyte, Loose has a “suspiciously accidentally released spirit”, and subsequent adventures can be played cooperatively or otherwise according to the basic game, but with new music and voice actors, upgraded abilities. It is included. And “a fresh puzzle that incorporates new elements such as ice sheets, torches, magnets, and crystals.” Some of them will be aired in the typical gorgeous teaser trailer below.

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Trine 4-Mystery DLC Teaser Trailer Melody.

When was released last year, it wisely abandoned the split advance of the third game to full 3D, and became quite obsessed with Trine 4, which returned to the side-scrolling roots of the series, making it “incredibly clean. A recommended badge that I called “new and sophisticated” and hit it.

And if that’s what you’re looking for, Trine 4’s Melody of Mystery DLC will reach your PC via Steam, GOG, Origin, Humble Store, as of this month’s currently unidentified, Switch, It will be released on Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 next spring.


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