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Nik Lentz announces retirement following UFC 257: “I can’t compete at this level anymore”

Nik Lentz announced his retirement after losing to Movsar Evloev at UFC 257 on Saturday.

Lenz offered his own good show, but Efroev won the split decision after all three rounds were said and finished. It was his third consecutive defeat, but that was not what he said led to his decision to retire.

He primarily believes that his decision to retire due to last year’s injury has diminished his eyesight to the point where he feels he can no longer compete at the UFC level.

“They say they don’t make a rush decision after a loss, but this is neither rush nor quick about that. The injury I saw last year was the ender of my career. Total vision. I lost about 40% of it, but I wanted to see a new look at what another fierce battle would look like. Last night it was clear that it was no longer possible for me to compete at this level. I couldn’t fix it to a moving target and I’ve virtually lost 40% of my eyesight … (for example) chaotic to say the least.

“My life as a fighter in the best organization on the planet ends here. I don’t feel sad or upset by it, the day comes for everyone. I raise my head Standing. God is my Redeemer, my children and wife are my treasures. The fight gives them those treasures and only asks for a little vision as a payment. The deal I do 100% of the time.

“Thanks to my fans, coaches, family, and everyone who participated in this process. Who knows what’s coming next to Kearney … but I’m not what it is Can tell you. “

Nick “Kearney” Lenz

Lenz, 36, has been fighting professionally since 2005. His achievements are 45 professional matches, with an overall record of 30-12-2 without a contest.

He has been fighting under the UFC flag since 2009. Lenz frequently knocked on the doors that enter the title photo in featherweight and lightweight, but never reached a championship match.

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Nik Lentz announces retirement following UFC 257 Nik Lentz announces retirement following UFC 257

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