Nikita Jain fights rare conditions and wins with proper guidance

For many of us, pandemics have never been easier. Coupled with social distance and movement restrictions, the overall blockade has affected many in many ways. A unique problem suffered by one of our players, Nikita Jain, was vocal cord dysfunction. This is the state that was lurking in her until it was blocked. Nikita Jain says her location reduces sunlight and ventilation in her home. She had to stay indoors all the time with the delusion that she would get an infection when she went out, exacerbating her stress, causing panic attacks and shortness of breath, and eventually being diagnosed with vocal cord dysfunction (VCD). ..

When she consulted a local doctor, he thought it was asthma and put her in a nebulizer. She experienced some relief, but it was only for a short time. In late August 2020, she consulted an asthma and allergy specialist, diagnosed VCD, and prescribed medication and some breathing exercises. Around the same time, she happened to see GOQii brand ambassador Akshay Kumar talking about GOQii SmartVital on YouTube. After that, she decided to buy a tracker and took a three-month coaching subscription.

The beginning of the journey

In their first conversation, her coach Mamta Joshi understood everything about her medical condition and lifestyle in general. She then calmly explained the need to adopt a healthy diet and minor changes to her current diet. She made minor adjustments to her dietary patterns, including reducing her intake of carbohydrates such as roti and rice and switching to protein sources. She started with fruits and salads that weren’t part of her diet until then. She also began to include nuts and Jira water soaked when she woke up.

She always skipped breakfast, but the coach said it wasn’t recommended. All habits were slowly taught one by one so that she could follow them without problems. Nikita Jain rarely indulges in physical activity other than normal household chores. Her GOQii coach asked her to start with yoga and meditation for a few minutes each day. She regularly watches live GOQii Play sessions, following Ronak Gajjar for meditation, Sheetal Tiwari for yoga, and Mukesh Morwall for nutritional tips.

She also experienced a lot of back and ankle pain that magically disappeared after practicing some stretching and yoga every day. The coach also suggested an oil formula for her ankle pain. It helped her a lot.

Change and level up!

Nikita Jain says her main change is in terms of her energy levels. There is no lethargy and she can stay active all day long. She hasn’t felt any weaknesses or pain lately, so she can stay happy and peaceful.

She says. “Director Mamuta has regained a smile on my face, which was previously missing and badly overlooked by his family. In the app to see and see if his coach is better than me. It’s my dad who wants to see the intake of all updated meals. ”

She enjoyed coach Arooshi Garg’s cooking session on GOQii Play and tried out the recipes for the session at home. She is a housewife and used to cook, but now she cooks not only delicious but also nutritious food. Therefore, it is not just her who has benefited from the GOQii coaching subscription, but her entire family at all levels.

What does Mamuta say about player Nikita Jain?

Nikita joined GOQii with the goal of getting relief from the rare types of health problems that occurred during the blockade. She experienced rare and unusual complications such as paralysis of the left side of her body, extension of her arms and limbs, intolerable body pain, shortness of breath, and excessive hypersensitivity to odors.

In our first discussion, I read her plight in her withered voice. She was also very worried about her future. After some evaluation, I thought it was her disconnection with nature and returning her to it might be the only possible solution. So, habits such as getting indoor plants, keeping doors and windows open during the day, sunbathing on the terrace of the building, oil massage to relieve pain, breathing exercise / meditation for stress management, etc. I planned, but gradually the results began to appear. She started a healthy and balanced diet and improved her energy levels / stamina. Almost bedridden, she is currently exercising for 1.5 hours a day.

I’m glad she has the courage to not only tackle the problems head-on, but also to overcome them. It was a tough fight, but she won! Her stress level has dropped, she keeps a clock of 10,000 steps every day, loses weight, feels well, and the journey is still going on! The best thing about Nikita is that she never downplayed my proposal and always kept it pious. She honestly updated and occasionally acknowledged me about her status and progress logs. And as a result, you can win big in a short period of time.

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