Ninjala reveals Puzzle & Dragons collaboration, Season 4 details, physical cards, and upcoming anime episode information

In today’s new developer diary, GungHo shared the latest information on Ninjala. Status updates include new collaborations, Season 4 details, physics cards that work in the game, and the next anime episode.

The main highlights are:

Puzzle & Dragons collaboration

– Avatar items: Hattori Hanzo style, Valkyrie style, Red Dragon Caller Sonia style
– Avatar items come with the familiar background music tracks of Puzzle & Dragons
– Tragon-themed masks and REMdra gum depression are also available
– Earn Puzzle & Dragons Ippon decorations as battle rewards
– Collaboration will be held from December 7th to January 6th

Season 4

– Held from January 6th to March 24th
– New stages, new gum weapons, new shinobi cards, and system updates
– New Stage: London-themed, nightly Fort Riverdale
– Sword-type gum weapons: Scrap Saver, Chew V
– New specials and ninjutsu
– Ninjutsu Disco Ninjutsu: Create a dance field where people in the field are forced to dance
– Froggie Block Special: Summon a box-shaped wall in front of you as a normal attack or near your target’s enemies as a wide attack
– Energy Hoarder Shinobi Card: Increases the amount of S-Energy collected when collected on the map
– Quick Respawn Shinobi Card: You can immediately respawn where you lose up to 3 health.
– Rapid transition from matching to battle start, implementation of split priority registration, expansion of communication menu (2 to 5), and allowing spectators to host rooms in spectator mode

Ninjala Collection Card Vol. 1

– Available throughout the US, Japan, Spain, France and Asia in January
– Link with the game
– The card will have a character and gum weapons
– To play mini-games in Ninjala, scan the code on the back of the game
– Earn in-game items from mini-games such as original ninja gum and costumes

Next anime episode

– Star Emma
– A girl who loves dancing and dreams of becoming a star
– Encounter Warren, a WNA public relations officer
– This encounter leads Emma to appear on a competitive dance TV show

Below you can see today’s complete Ninjala developer diary.

Ninjala reveals Puzzle & Dragons collaboration, Season 4 details, physical cards, next anime episode info

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