Ninjala reveals upcoming collaborations in new development diary

After the collaboration of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu “Ninja Re Bang Bang Steve Aoki Remix” NinjalaPopstar collaboration is back with new in-game music and commemorative T-shirts! The first collaboration item is available from the in-game shop.

Uncle’s death gets in Ninjala As the first part of the game LET IT DIE collaboration. Your favorite skeleton skateboarder brings a lot of goodies such as headgear, ninja gum for pine boards, and IPPON decorations. All players playing during the collaboration LET IT DIE Sticker as a login bonus.

Featured battle

S-Blast Battle Test Play! Is a hot battle for a limited time that replaces S-Burst with the new mechanic “S-Blasts”. S-Blast is similar to S-Burst, but instead of parrying when attacked, it pushes the attacker away and interrupts the pace of the battle. The basic rules are the same as battle royale-the most points you get, you win! Battle rewards for this featured battle include new “xenon headphones” headgear, assist cords, and ninja gum. This new featured battle is also a test play, allowing players to share feedback via social media and influence future combat systems.

Finally, another “Loot Battle Festival” event will be held in the second half of Season 4.

1st Anniversary Roadmap
After season 4 Ninjala Will celebrate its 1st anniversary in June 2021. GOE has unveiled a roadmap for the game leading up to the celebration, including what players can expect in seasons 5 and 6.

  • Season 5
    • New gum weapon
    • New Shinobi card
    • New feature battle
    • New collaboration
    • Online tournament mode
    • Tutorial mode where players can learn the rules Ninjala Get rewards
  • Season 6
    • New gum weapon
    • New stage
    • New Shinobi card
    • New collaboration
    • New feature battle
    • Commemorative event

More features that fans are looking for, such as “Clan” and “Multiplayer Lobby with Avatar,” will be added in the future. Please wait for a while for more information.

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Ninjala reveals upcoming collaboration

Ninjala Reveals Upcoming Collaborations in New Dev Diary

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