Nintendo Acquires Next Level Games, Developer of Luigi’s Mansion 3

Nintendo has just purchased the studio behind Luigi’s Mansion 3-Next Level Games. They acquired a 100% stake to move Canadian costumes to a full first-party studio.

The following can be read in the official statement: “NLG’s shares are now wholly owned by the owner’s directors and employees. Recently, many owner’s directors have determined that it is time to sell their shares. Therefore, NLG Completion of the acquisition not only ensures the availability of Nintendo’s NLG development resources, including development expertise, but also enables closer communication and staff exchange with Nintendo, thereby predicting development speed and quality. Helps drive improvements that are made. Development team. “

We know what the future holds, but given the fact that Next Level Games worked on some of the more popular Nintendo games like Metroid Prime Federation Force, Wii PunchOut, and of course Luigi’s Mansion 3, we’re a lot. I think there is, look forward to it.

According to the purchase, the acquisition will end on March 1, 2021.

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