Nintendo Acquires Next Level Games, Developer of Luigi’s Mansion

Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Surprise Start of the Year (Photo: Nintendo)

2021 is still in its infancy, but Nintendo is already … behaving strangely by doing wise and predictable things.

With a surprising announcement Nintendo has announced plans to acquire Canadian developer Next Level Games, the maker of Luigi’s Mansion 3.

The recent acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft raises concerns that a bidding war may begin as big companies try to raid the rest of the independent developers this year, but usually Nintendo is involved. It is not.

They rarely invest in other companies, especially foreign studios, but it’s weird because Retro Studios, the developer of Metroid Prime, worked so well for them.

Next Level Games has been around since 2002, but its portfolio is fairly slim, with the exception of Nintendo being licensed games such as Spider-Man: Friend Or Foe and Captain America: Super Soldier.

All of the games released by Nintendo have been significantly improved, starting with the two Mario Strikers football games PunchOut !!. Revival of Wii and Luigi’s Mansion 2 and 3.

The obvious black mark in their history is the hugely exciting Metroid Prime: Federation Forces for 3DS, but no real idea has been revealed.

The acquisition should make little practical difference from a gamer’s point of view, as Next Level had already stated in 2014 that it would work exclusively with Nintendo. That is, they are already third-party developers.

However, given the quality of Luigi’s Mansion 3, it’s wise that Nintendo locked them down in this way, both technically and from a gameplay perspective.

There’s no sign of how much Nintendo paid them, but it all seems like a completed deal, except waiting for shareholder and regulatory approval.

What Next Level is currently working on remains a mystery, but fans are eagerly awaiting the first Nintendo Direct in 2021, so the same can be said for almost everything related to Nintendo at this time.

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Nintendo buys Luigi’s Mansion developer Next Level Games

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