Nintendo America and its president Doug Bowser suing hacker Gary Bowser

Nintendo of America and its president, Doug Bowser, have filed a lawsuit against Team Xecuter leader Gary Bowser for infringing Nintendo’s copyright by creating and selling Nintendo Switch hacking devices. I’m not kidding. As Polygon reported, the proceedings were filed in a court in Seattle to prosecute Bowser (not to be confused with Bowser, King of Koopas) for two trafficking counts and one piracy. I am aiming for it. According to Nintendo, Bowser operates an “International Pirate Ring” that sells these switch hacking devices designed to circumvent Nintendo’s security measures for running pirated switch games.

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This battle, which Nintendo is working on, is part of a plan to stop the “serious and exacerbating international problems” of piracy. In a lawsuit, Nintendo said Bowser’s actions “continue to put more than 79 million Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite consoles at risk of piracy.”

Nintendo has shut down Bowser and is seeking damages worth $ 2,500 for each trafficked device and $ 150,000 for copyright infringement.Nintendo is not tolerant of anyone trying to infringe its copyright. In 2018, Nintendo was awarded $ 12 million as a result of a lawsuit against two ROM hosting sites, and in 2020, sued TikTok influencers and OnlyFans stars over Pokemon brands and products.

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