Nintendo and Reginald Fiss-Aim had to “poorly decline” the offer to work with Kanye West in the game

Former Nintendo president Reginald Fiss Aim needs to “poorly decline” the offer to work with Kanye West on the video game concept due to the large number of other projects currently under development at the company. I made it clear. With Nintendo Everything, Reggie shared a conversation with Reggie & Harold Podcast in a talking game. It is raising funds for the mentoring work of a non-profit organization in the New York Video Game Critics Circle. He said the meeting took place at E3 “years ago.”

Kanye visited the Nintendo booth during the E3 and was even able to spend some time with Shigeru Miyamoto. He then requested a visit with Reggie, who would meet at one of Kanye’s offices in Calabasas, California.“Some of them were talking about what he was doing. He was trying out video game content. He wanted to react to it. He came out and said,” With Nintendo. I want to work for you. “

“Various projects are underway at Nintendo and there was no possibility of doing anything with Kanye, so I had to find a way to politely decline this opportunity to work with him. “Kanier, we’re tough and hard, so you don’t want to work with us. All we do is push the best content. We Is not the type of partner you want to work with. “And he looks at me and says,” Reggie, you are the type of partner I want for that very reason! ” It’s like “Oh my god”. “

Reggie said the meeting was not only “interesting”, but also Kim Kardashian West was there. The project never saw the light of day, but both Reggie and Nintendo felt that “Kanier is very passionate about the video game space and he is the creator.”The history of Kanye’s games extends beyond this single conference. He revealed that he is working on a game titled “Only One” that guides his mother, Donda, “in the light to the highest gates of heaven.” He announced the project in 2015, but since then little news about the project has surfaced.

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