Nintendo Animal Crossing: New Horizons works far beyond expectations and talks about future plans and updates

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was Nintendo’s most successful title of the year. Aside from its massive sales success, it was more than just a game. Especially as a result of this year’s pandemic, it seemed to just appear in many different places and in many different ways.

Talk to polygon, President of Nintendo of America, Doug Bower, talked about the success of the game and performed far beyond expectations. He said:

“I think’far beyond expectations’is the easiest way to get it in. I don’t know if I expected it to be a truly cultural touchpoint around the world. And I What they were happy to see was a redefinition of how people thought about video games and how they incorporated them into their lives.

We saw people celebrating their graduation. Hold a birthday party. Even a wedding – virtually through the game itself. And we are pleased to be able to give some rest to people in times of great chaotic and difficult times. So it’s the result of many things. First of all, it was very fascinating because the developers did a great job of creating great universes, great environments, great characters. But, of course, during the release period, many people who had never played video games were able to get a better understanding of Animal Crossing as well as video games. “

Bowser also commented on Animal Crossing: How New Horizons will be supported in the future:

“Yes, there are two possible paths here. One is as already mentioned. This is an update schedule from the developers. And it’s around the seasons, around the events, the enhanced game. It could be around the play feature, and it will continue as we move forward.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is very unique and different, however. [user-generated content], And the ability of people to actually devote themselves to user-created content, make it available, and share it with friends. And that doesn’t happen in any rhythm. This is a continuous, constantly changing and evolving environment where people can visit each other’s islands and use their UGC to bring and share them. So I think that’s another aspect of strengthening engagement with Animal Crossing. “

Finally, when asked if Animal Crossing: New Horizons foresaw further updates in 2021, as we saw this year, Bowser said:

Nintendo says Animal Crossing: New Horizons performed well beyond expectations, talks future plans and updates

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